Ecclesiastical interlude

PZ is at this very moment in a church. Not a joke this time, he really is – he’s there to observe Chris Stedman in action. His tweets sound very…restless.

  • You know what would be a crappy April fools joke? If I said I found Chris Stedman persuasive. So I won’t.
  • It’s a very *nice* room, with very *nice* people. Jeez, but I detest “nice”.
  • I learned that Stedman did good rewarding work in assisted living home. How NICE!
  • Stedman: religion studies major. Seminarian. Pro-religion advocate. Atheist? Not one word for atheism today. Weird.

Not weird; typical.


  1. says

    PZ in a church on Sunday listening to Stedman? Why oh why do these things have to happen on April Fools’ Day? It makes it incredibly hard to believe.

  2. sailor1031 says

    I’m sorry; any other day I would have accepted your word for it – reluctantly I confess – but not today. PZ in a church? Nah!

  3. Philip Legge says

    I approve of PZ’s pugilism! (But also, that it’s obvious that both of them can at least share some humour about their disagreements.)

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