Cameron cheers the “fightback”

A nice write-up of a chat by David Cameron to some religious bossies.

He starts by saying he welcomes the Easter message as being one of hope, but at the same time admits that he has problems believing a word of it – particularly the resurrection! Even so, he welcomes what he calls the “Christian fightback” in Britain.

It is not clear what this “fightback” is against but he measures it in “the enormous reception of the Pope’s visit.”

However, the Pope’s visit – as the Catholic Church’s own research showed – was a comprehensive flop.

And if it hadn’t been, what would he be doing rejoicing about it anyway? What is this deranged assumption that all of a sudden everybody everywhere just loves Catholicism, as if the Vatican were as benign and liberal as a Quaker? Cameron is a Tory prime minister of the United Kingdom; what’s that got to do with the Catholic church? Why is he following Tony Blair’s lead in sucking up to that vile reactionary institution?

Farther down there’s a transcript, which shows that what he said is even worse than that.

I think there is something of a Christian fight-back going on in Britain and I think that’s a thoroughly good thing. I think you could see it in the enormous reception of the Pope’s visit; I think you could see it with the successful return visit that Sayeeda Warsi led. I think you can see it, actually, in the reception to Sayeeda’s superb speeches about standing up for faith and celebrating faith and, as she so famously put it, actually doing God in Britain.

He thinks it’s “superb” when a Muslim peer joins a pope to promote theocracy.

It’s madness, I tell you.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Why is he following Tony Blair’s lead in sucking up to that vile reactionary institution?

    Because the Tories have drunk too much US-Republican Kool-Aid?

  2. Chris says

    It’s funny reading this next to the one about Rowan Williams. Cameron seems to be indulging in a bit of identity politics, but I doubt he will get called out on it.

  3. Rudi says

    Fortunately David Cameron is too moronic to have any idea
    what he is talking about – as with most things, he has the dimmest, most shallow grasp
    of the issues involved. Only another 2 years, folks.

  4. Ant Allan says

    Even those of us who sometimes struggle with some parts of the message – the idea of resurrection, of a living God, of someone who’s still with us…  It’s a message of hope.

    Hmm… And what about those of us who don’t struggle, but are quite clear that these are fatuous, ridiculous ideas?

    I think we’d all rather see a message of hope for the one life we have, rather than a bogus message of “sure and certain” hope of the Resurrection into eternal life.


  5. Don says

    The goverment has annoyed a lot of clergy by its support for marriage equality. Cameron clearly hopes he can get back in their good books by some unctuous platitudes about the importance of faith – even if you don’t actually believe the thing you profess faith in.

  6. Sunny says

    Forgive him Lord for he is a politician; He knows not what he does.

    Actually that is not quite true. He just wants to be re-elected at whatever cost.

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