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Awards banquet last night. Stephen Law got one, Jessica Ahlquist got one, Dan Dennett got one.

Everybody stands up when Jessica takes the podium. We can’t help it. I usually don’t like it when people leap to their feet, but I don’t object this time. I bet Jessica finds it cringe-making, but it can’t be helped.


  1. Rrr says

    It needn’t be frowned upon to stand up for those who stand up for others. Nor should it be compulsory, of course. Exceptions for the exceptional.

  2. TV200 says

    I hope it didn’t make her too uncomfortable, but if anyone deserves a standing ovation, it’s Jessica Ahlquist.

  3. Marta says

    This right here is a lovely paragraph, Ophelia. I know that’s what it must have been like, for sure.

  4. christopher moyer says

    She deserves it. Good for her.

    I wonder what she’ll be doing ten years from now.

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