Sometimes the ploy is really too obvious

One such time is when a clerical type (or “expert” or “scholar” or other male boffin who dispenses religious rules) tells a woman she has to open her legs whenever her husband tells her to and that if she doesn’t she’s a sinner and that godknowsbest.

It’s Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem I’m talking about this time. A woman said her husband was issuing the open legs command three times a day and it was too much, what should she do.

It is not permissible for a wife to refuse fulfiling her husband’s desire. You should answer his calls as this is not phisically hurting you.

If you can’t do that for no legitimate reason, you are sinful. You should ask him to marry another woman or to divorce you.

And Allah knows best

See what I mean? Transparent. Self-interested. God says women can never say no to a spousal fuck, and godknowsbest. If she wants an occasional break she should ask him to get a second wife. (Then maybe a couple of decades down the road she can have the fun of being murdered by the husband and wife #2, as with the Shafia family. It’s a great arrangement any way you look at it.)

If toddlers were in charge of religion it would be sinful for adults to refuse to give toddlers candy. Godknowsbest.


  1. julian says

    If toddlers were in charge of religion it would be sinful for adults to refuse to give toddlers candy.

    Unless the candy was made of coconut of course.

  2. lordshipmayhem says

    When you refer to them as “clerical types”, I have the image not of an all-powerful, all-wise religious teacher, but of a clerk impotently shuffling papers in some sterile cubical farm, next to people pushing penny stocks and ineffective fake medical cures.

    Kind of a fitting picture, I think.

  3. says

    Oh yes, Enzyme, that is a good one – it’s all agreed among the men, so what could possibly go wrong.

    This is permissible. All what you have to do is to give your brother authorization to do so and that the wali of the woman (her father) agrees to that and the normal procedures are followed.

  4. Brigadista says

    I was recently reading around the story of an imam from a mosque in Terrassa (Catalonia, Spain) who was arrested for giving precise instructions in his sermons on how exactly you should beat your wife, and I came across this:

    There’s just so much that’s sickening in here that we could discuss it for months, but this quote caught my eye in the context of this thread:

    “If the woman refused to fulfill her husband’s sexual need, temporarily or permanently, such as denying him his sexual right him [sic] for some time or for a long time, the man would become susceptible to deviation …”

    So if I do something wrong, it’s still your fault. Not difficult to work out that this was probably not written by a woman …

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