Man boobz v Reddit

David Futrelle has an information-loaded post on MRAs on Reddit explaining that and why “cunt” is not a sexist word via an equally compelling explanation that and why Rebecca Watson is –

you know the rest.


  1. Steersman says

    Ms. Daisy Cutter (#1),

    I’ll go make popcorn…

    Large bag; could qualify as the longest-running theatrical: “Take it away, Adam and Eve (or Steve as the case may be)” ….

    But, N-KB3 ….

  2. says

    @2 ‘Tis Himself, OM:

    Where are you getting that? Did you click the link? David Futrelle is not explaining why “cunt” isn’t a sexist word; the MRAs about whom he’s writing, whom he quotes at length, are.

  3. Big Red Dress says

    The page is blocked by the nanny filter at my school. I’m wondering if I’ll be glad about that when I get home and check out the page.

    I don’t know how Rebecca Watson carries on. I would have moved to whatever tiny corner of the world has no Internet by now.

  4. Stacy says

    I was afraid to click the link, lest reading the Boobz make me feel all stabby, but that was actually funny.

    Earlier this morning I saw a long reply to a post on the Cracked website. This MRA was explaining how feminism is as bad as Nazi Germany (really. Not just a mention of Hitler a la Godwin’s Law, but full on for several paragraphs about how feminism=the Third Reich).

    A whole movement full of self-caricatures. How do they do it?

  5. Josh Slocum says

    Steersman, what are you doing here? Aren’t you the one who calls people cunts?

  6. Agent Smith says

    I hate, very much, the mindset that treats the complaint “It hurts” as encouragement.

    The man-shaped effluvia who insist on using That Word have a snap-lock fit to that way of thinking.

  7. Philip Legge, coolest of the bunch says

    Hmm. Looks like ManBoobz’s regulars have as low an opinion of Steercupcake’s dictionary definition diarrhea as say, the commenters and blog-owners of Pharyngula and Butterflies and Wheels. Must be that feminist echo-chamber hive-mind thingy in operation. (One of them even noticed the fully-deserved ban-hammering which Steersy received from PZ. Dix points.)

  8. dirigible says

    “This MRA was explaining how feminism is as bad as Nazi Germany”

    If it was, he wouldn’t be able to.

    Self-refutation. He has it.

    (Also, who does he think published those “mutter und kind” posters in the 30s? Oh, feminists. Of course. Silly me…)

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