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Now I’m at a different airport, the one in Orlando. Unfortunately my room is on the wrong side to get the airport Wifi, so I’m sitting in an armchair in the lobby when I would much prefer to be sitting at the desk in my room. Ho hum.

Anyway I’m here. I’ve seen Tom Flynn and said hello, and he says Stephen Law is around somewhere, and that’s all I know so far.

I want to join in the quarrel with Hemant Mehta, but I have to catch up with it first.


  1. says

    It’s way too hot for me! Especially since it snowed a little in Seattle yesterday too. Freezing in the morning, steaming a few hours later – too unsettling.

  2. says

    Still, I’m not complaining. It’s kind of fun to be in Florida – I’ve never been before. That leaves Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Kentucky, and West Virginia (in the lower 48).

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    Welcome to the Sunshine State!

    No matter what promises are made, do not try the grapefruit wine. (Some of the muscadine ferments are tolerable, though.)

  4. Rrr says

    Fruit of the wine,
    wine of the fruit.
    When you gonna let me get sober?

    Get down to pressing grapes,
    and grapple with fermenting apes?
    Time to go back and start over.

    Stop! Stop! Stop! All your dancing,
    or I’ll have to leave.
    Stop! Stop! Stopper the bottle,
    you have been deceived.

    (Sorry, Hollies!)

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