Fuck the pope…but use a condom

Rowdy irreverent people in Mexico city protest the pope’s visit. I want to be friends with all of them!

Wisely, the pope is not going to Mexico City. He’s going to a city where people like him.

I wonder if his BFF Sayeeda Warsi is going to meet him there so that they can plan the war on militant secularism some more.

h/t Roger


  1. MasterKurtz says

    Here’s a little ditty I wrote in honor of the Pope’s visit (I borrowed the tune from “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”).

    The Pope went down to Cabo,
    he was looking for some souls to steal,
    he forgot his condoms so he told the kids,
    listen, here’s the deal.
    Have no sex, be not gay,
    and maybe I’ll save your soul today.
    Well the kids said Pope, we hear ya now,
    and this is our reply:
    We think you are a bag of douche,
    and a really fucked up guy.

    It could do with some touching up, but I figured it was pretty good for on the fly.

  2. Ramel says

    Well aside from the fact that he’s toured Africa where there are 2.3 million children living with HIV, there is still the question of standards. Call me shallow if you must, but I’m not interested in bigoted former Hitler youths that willingly protect paedophiles from prosecution.

  3. says

    Someone in Joe Jervis’ thread said, “This banner was only one of MANY anti-papal public demonstrations. Others were far more interesting and nasty.”

    I’d love to hear about the other banners, with translations into English as needed. The only others I’m hearing about on Google said, “Not with my taxes,” “Get your rosaries off our ovaries,” and “Ratzinger non grata to protect pedophiles.” All of which I agree with but aren’t as “interesting and nasty” as I’d have hoped.

  4. Deepak Shetty says

    Don’t condom’s spread AIDS? You have to perform the act according to the pope’s NFP schedule to get him to consent.

  5. Tony says


    Why not Ramel? I am sure he is DDF.

    Yeah, but he has no experience. Who wants to bang an old dog who can’t learn new tricks?

  6. Aliasalpha says

    Maybe they should load up an air cannon with condoms & fire it in his general direction so it rains rubbers.

    They’d have to be opened rather than in the packet or it’d just look like giant confetti

  7. John Coelho says

    Those, like me who hate the pope, should read Collapse by Jared Diamond., to get a deeper understanding of how dangerous he is. Diamond shows how, rather than a result of age-old ethnic animosities, the genocide in largely Catholic Rwanda was caused by over population. Although Diamond doesn’t point the finger, this was partly caused by priests ranting against birth control for many decades and the persecution of those who tried to make contraception available.

    Other candidates for population density produced genocide: The Phillipines, much of Latina America and much of the Islamic World all with exploding populations.
    John Coelho

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