This is the place where I am at the moment

So here I am at the airport. I got nothin to say except that I’m at the airport.

I’m at SeaTac’s fancy sitting-area place, which faces a giant window – from the table where I am it’s acres of grey sky with a little scrim of airplanes and runways at the bottom. Quite nice.


  1. Rrr says

    Bubut, you promised us a pointless update. I can clearly see several points in the picture! The pints, on the other hand, are a bit blurry.

  2. fastlane says

    Just up the road here in Everett, we’ve got a full on blizzard going. Been snowing hard since about 10 AM, and it’s starting to turn to slush on the ground.

  3. Bill says

    A tolerable airport. Amazing. (Speaking as a frequent flyer who would die, or worse still drive, without his sky club membership).

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