Meet Opinionista. She has a great post about “the double whammy of disadvantage one faces for being a secular minded individual from a Muslim community living in the UK.”

Identity anti-racists such as the Stop the War Coalition have dismissed and continue to dismiss secular activist voices like those of Gita Sahgal or secular organisations such as Just Peace (a young organisation founded by progressive and secular Muslim activists) and Women Against Fundamentalism. Instead they befriend the likes of Muslim Association of Britain which is an offshoot of the Arab Muslim Brotherhood. It makes my blood boil. It’s a form of racism masquerading as cultural cohesion and tolerance. In reality, such high tolerance for fundamentalists in the UK  just  exacerbates some of the inaccurate national (and global) perceptions of what all British Muslims are like. Such  alliances completely ignore the fact that people like me do exist. There are  secular, non-religious Agnostic (or Atheist) cultural Muslims who have needs that can not be served by Muslim fundamentalists, conservative Muslim values, nor by the Ken Livingstones of the world.

Read the whole thing. Tell her she rocks.

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