Miscellaneous, or, feel free to be OT, since there is no T

I said maybe I should do one of these, because sometimes people do go OT and that can be tiresome if you want to talk about the T, but it’s fine if there’s no T to begin with. If the particular set of people who bump into each other here want to talk about everything in general, I might as well make that possible.

I have a cold. I asked Facebook to sing “Soft Kitty” for me, and it did.

Newt Gingrich plans, if elected president, to arrest judges who don’t do their judging according to the bible.

Kim Jong-un is not sure he’s crazy enough to run North Korea.


  1. DLC says

    Oh okay.. that was mean-spirited. . . I’ll be nice. Although if Newt had to live under NKs conditions maybe he would realize .. no, I guess not. Don’t think Newt would realize anything.

  2. says

    Hmm, well, how about discussing/listing things that offend us, especially things that the majority in society wouldn’t be offended by?

    I’ll start.

    I’m offended not by people saying “Merry Christmas,” but by professionals saying it to customers when they don’t know if Christmas is something that customer celebrates (yes, I’m calling cashiers professionals). Seriously, there’s how many holidays this month? And how many involve gifts and food? I’m thinking that if this happens to me this year, I’ll say “Happy Hanukkah.” We’ll see how many get the point.

    I’m offended by family that puts things in their Christmas cards like “Jesus is the reason for the season,” even though I’m an out atheist (haven’t decided if I’m going to say anything to dear Grams about that though).

    I’m offended and disgusted by people who don’t want others exposing the “poor, innocent children” to the truth about Santa. Quit lying to your damn kids already; you don’t even have the excuse of believing it yourself. How about teaching them about the real wonder in the world, the kind they can actually take with them into adulthood?

    I’m also offended that anyone thinks Coke is better than Pepsi. That’s just unforgiveable, right there.

  3. Kiwi Dave says

    I’m a bit surprised by your invitation to be Old Testament – that doesn’t seem like you at all.

    And as for Nathan being offended by Coke, I’m so offended by his preference for a clearly inferior drink that I’d declare jihad, except that the doctor says I’m not to drink either.

  4. Svlad Cjelli says

    It’s Coca Cola, damnit.

    And the season calls for Julmust. Next season calls for Påskmust.

    The reason for this particular season is seasons in general. That’s how seasons work.

  5. julian says

    I’m thinking that if this happens to me this year, I’ll say “Happy Hanukkah.” We’ll see how many get the point.

    Probably non. I tried this with Kwanzaa. Their smile falters for half a second but then they perk back up and wave excitedly while you walk away.

  6. Pierre Masson says

    A simple question, that applies to Canada, but also to any other country whose constitution or some other similar document forbids discrimination based on gender:

    Why has nobody taken to court the Catholic, Jewish, and/or Muslim organizations for praticing deliberate discrimination against women?

    (Catholics don’t allow women to become priests; Muslims treat women and men differently in inheritance matters, as witnesses in court, etc.; Jewish religious law states that “a testimony of 100 Jewish women is equivalent to a testimony of a single Jewish man.)

    Are they not all going against supposedly fundamental and defining aspects of their legal and social systems?

    Happy Soltice to all!!

  7. Godless Heathen says

    I was offended when the captain of the flight I took two days after Thanksgiving wished all the passengers a Merry Christmas as they exited the plane.

    I mean, seriously, it’s two days after Thanksgiving. Have some patience.

  8. Rrr says

    You head rock! Be glad it ain’t pebbles.

    My Dad used to joke, when given a present, holding it up to his ear and shake his head vigorously — and then declare it must be a jigsaw puzzle, because he could hear the pieces rattle inside.

    Him lot-fun. Not as vigorous now, though, but still. That’s old age, that old adage.

    Try some warm rum. Mix with powdered or grated ginger, honey and fresh orange juice. Loosens snot, quick as not. Not for medication, mind, just for the kick of it. Nobody wants to quack the rock.

    You may also want to experiment with Glögg. Consult PZ or Svlad Cjelli for details.

  9. says

    Yes, I’ve been resorting to every alcoholic item I can find at bedtime…But last night I slept without it, so that’s an improvement. But now that I’m up I still feel all clogged and congested and I’m getting impatient. Thin out and go away, damn you.

    Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur…

  10. says

    Axial tilt is the reason for the season:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Tiltmas
    Twenty three degrees
    It might seem a little strange
    This seasonal solar change
    Makes half the Earth to roast,
    And half to freeze.

    As for gender discrimination in Canada: As far as I am concerned, consenting adults can practice whatever sorting of roles they choose in their private institutions. Their religious laws have no standing in Canadian courts – ie the testimony of a Jewish woman is equivalent to that of a Jewish man (or any other person), and inheritance laws trump customs (or even wills for that matter). There was talk a few years ago about giving legal standing to Islamic sharia law in Ontario, but fortunately, this was not implemented, largely due to protests from liberal Muslims and secularists.

  11. jesec says

    I always wondered about the whole santa thing. I mean, I don’t remember ever believing in santa or the tooth fairy or anything. But I remember that I loved getting gifts from santa, even though I knew they really came from mom and dad. It was a fun game that kids and grown-ups played together.

  12. says

    Theo – the resistance to sharia in Ontario was led primarily by Homa Arjomand, and I did what I could to help by publishing all her press releases etc at B&W. She was a voice in the wilderness at first.

  13. says

    @Ophelia’s cold:
    I recommend wine. Mostly cuz it tastes better. As far as I know. Actually, I can’t remember ever trying brandy.

    On the other hand, Alka-Seltzer has always worked extremely well for clearing my nose. Have you tried it?

    @Kiwi Dave:
    I see your jihad, and raise it an apocalyptic scenario! Seriously, you must be crazy. Nothing compares to the sweet, delicious flavor of the ambrosia known as Pepsi.
    (My wife says we’re both weird. Ignore her.)

  14. julian says

    Booze is no way to clear a cold.

    Vitamin C, now that’s where it’s at. A few hundred dilutions and you’ve got yourself one potent cure all, right there!

  15. keithharwood says

    Ophelia: Breathing is overrated. Most of the people who’ve tried it have died. Not that I wanted to give it up myself; when it looked like I might have to I got some guys (OK, one of them was a girl) to rip me another hole in my neck so I could go on doing it.

    Yeah, it’s overrated, but it’s better than any of the alternatives.

    Regarding Santa: I think small children have a better appreciation for what is true and what is not than many adults. If an adult is playing to seriouosly with my barely three-year-old granddaughter, she reminds then that it is pretend. My elder daughter after some years of doubt announced there was no Santa at age eight. My younger daughter, from the age of five to now in her thirties, perhaps working on the don’t-rock-the-boat principle has never admitted that she doesn’t believe in Santa

  16. says

    Yes, I prefer wine, and I’ve been pouring it down my neck when the cold wouldn’t let me sleep. But something harsher seems desirable to cut through all the slime.

    Alka-Seltzer, no, I haven’t. Hmm.

  17. says

    Re: Homa Arjomand
    Thanks, I had forgotten her name. Canadians tend to take pride in our multiculturalism, and so many people thought that giving official legal standing to sharia courts was just a way to be open and welcoming to those from other cultures – your boosts to the volume of the voice in the wilderness are appreciated.

    As for cold remedies, eating lots of garlic and hot peppers seems to at least give symptomatic relief.

  18. TV200 says

    On the other hand, Alka-Seltzer has always worked extremely well for clearing my nose. Have you tried it?

    Because anecdote is is tantamount to evidence. I too can say that on the rare occasions that I get a cold, it seems to work well for me.

  19. julian says


    Nothing makes sleep feel quiet as unwelcoming as a cold that insists it share the bed. Glad to hear your head has returned to a manageable size.

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