I am jealous of Canada yet again

First you hoard all of these strange delicious candy bars from me. And now you have a new quarter featuring a dinosaur? With glow in the dark bones?!?!

I hate your awesomeness, Canada.


  1. glenmorangie10 says

    And if you weren’t aware, our $100 bill has an image of Frederick Banting developing insulin. The U.S. can place its trust in God. I’ll go with the guy with the microscope.

  2. Alt+3 says

    This must be the new hundreds because as far as I know the hundreds have a picture of a satellite on them.

  3. Tara says

    Ahhhhhhh! This is so exciting! A glow in the dark SKELETON? I have never even considered buying fancy coins until now. Thanks for making me feel optimistic about my country again. …the Canadian mint ships to the US, by the way, you should all stock up on our $30 quarters.

  4. carpenterman says

    A coin with a dinosaur with glow-in-the-dark bones.
    Well, the U.S. put a man on the moon, so I think we’re still ahead on points. But just barely.
    I can only assume that as the climate warms and Canadian weather grows more clement, your country will take it’s rightful place as leader of the free world, inspiring a wave of good manners and wry humor.

  5. Hypatia's Daughter says

    #12 carpenterman
    I have always claimed that Canada has been trying to take over the U.S. by sending in comedians as a secret 5th column.
    Bill Candy; Rich Little; Martin Short; Jim Carrey; Michael J Fox; William Shatner (oh, c’mon, he was funny as James T. Kirk) to name a few.

  6. josh says

    But you’re not comparing apples to apples. Bieber is (was? is he still popular?)a kid marketed for kids, whose frontal cortexes haven’t developed fully and who can’t really be held accountable for their actions.

    Dion is an adult, marketed to adults.

    USA! USA! USA!

    (just kidding with the fervor).

  7. Zuche says

    Huh. The last message appears to have vanished. Short version: You may want to take a loot at The Canadian Conspiracy from 1985, which runs with that idea.

  8. Reginald Selkirk says

    1) Glow in the dark coins – cool!
    2) More nuclear waste than we can deal with.
    I have an idea…

  9. A Hermit says

    But we love you Jen. We’re also polite and apologize for everything…sorry about that…

  10. Quatguy says

    Lets not forget about Dan Aykroyd, Samantha Bee, John Candy, Tommy Chong, Joe Flaherty, Dave Foley, Tom Green, Howie Mandel, Rick Moranis, Mike Myers, Leslie Nielson, Russel Peters and Seth Rogan to name a few more that you may recognize.

  11. Quatguy says

    I am not sure I would call her a comedian, however, she definately qualifies as laughable.

  12. carpenterman says

    As someone who carries his coins approximately two inches from his testicles, I do *not* like the direction of your train of thought.

  13. Reginald Selkirk says

    This is why life in Canada is so much better. Switch to the metric system and those coins will be five centimeters from your nads. 5 > 2.

  14. gworroll says

    Epic Meal Time surpassed Beiber as the most subscribed Canadian YouTubers of all time.

    IMO, that redeems Canada.

  15. gworroll says

    It’s been on PBS in many areas(that’s how I discovered him), and he does tours over most of the US.

    He’s probably not as famous here, but he is known.

  16. brian says

    Bah…when they have a coin with a dinosaur AND PZ Myers riding on it, that’ll be something to shout aboot.

  17. says

    Apologize for the coin? That would be silly.

    Apologize that our government doesn’t take science nearly as seriously and make our mint put out glow in the dark dinosaur coins?

    Apology accepted.

  18. Sam C says

    As a European, I prefer to think of the USA as South Canada. A more peacable name, eh?

  19. says

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  20. Matthew Polson says

    I love that they kind of imply all easter eggs come from the same species. Maybe they should try to compare them to rabbit eggs?

  21. O Ben N. says

    Aye. If you’re looking for something to alleviate your bloggers block, take a quick look at the Canadian Alberta general election coming up. The wild rose party is becoming really popular, which is absolutely terrifying for one who identifies as liberal like me. If they get in, Alberta may take steps towards the pre-2008 USA. -I hope something rouses your interest eventually!

  22. slc1 says

    Don’t Canadians in other provinces consider Alberta to be Canada’s version of Alabama?

  23. Pascale says

    Michael Cera and Will Arnett!! And don’t give me guff about Cera… if you’ve seen Arrested Development, you cannot deny his greatness. Canada’s excellent, but we’re almost TOO polite… it creates monsters that never find out they’re assholes.

  24. JohnnieCanuck says

    Pretty much yes, though I’ve never heard Alabama mentioned. Alberta is definitely the reddest of the Red States Provinces.

    Texas North. Blue-eyed Arabs. Those are some of the nicknames I’ve come across.

    Stephen Harper and Stockwell Day of the Canadian Religious Right, got their start in Alberta. We are still seeing the damage accumulate as the Conservatives flirt with anti-abortion, anti-immigration and other such laws.

  25. timrosenfeldt says

    “Posted in Uncategorized”? Just make an “Awesome” category and throw us in there. Or at least one for simply “Canada”. We’re right here.

  26. says

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