Kitty guest post!

I’m going to be running a couple of guest posts this week while I’m traveling for my speaking tour (you’re coming, right?). Since I’m away from Pixel, my usual source of cute kitten photos, you get a guest kitty. I’m staying with fellow SSA board member Brendan Murphy, and here he is with his adorable cat Europa:

This is my view as I edit slides for my presentation:

After Greta’s full out kitten cuteness assault and this, Crommunist is surely weeping somewhere.


  1. AlanMac says

    Dang, ya see what happens when you lets the wimmin in, whats next, poo poo ree and kertins.

  2. says

    My son, Brendan Murphy, sent me the photo of your Brendan Murphy, as not only do they share the same name, but this Brendan Murphy looks like a duplicate of my oldest son. Bren thinks your Brendan might be a distant relative.

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