Who wants a PZ pin-up photo?

You know you do. And while it seems like such a photo would normally be hard to come by, you can now fulfill your dreams. This is thanks to the fact that PZ also posed for the skeptical pin-up calendar that’s being released in November, like I did. All you have to do is make a donation to Skepticon, the fantabulous, student-run, totally free skeptical event that’s coming up in November. They’ll slowly reveal the photo piece by piece with each donation.

And now that I think of it, that’s exactly like one of those poorly made hentai puzzle games. But because I have a dark sense of humor, I find this hilariously awesome.

Oh, what’s that?

If you donate to another widget on the Skepticon website you can reveal an alternative photo of me that’s a lot more revealing than what I chose for my calendar photo?

Meh, I guess that’s cool.

JT’s there too, but that guy throws topless photos around like glitter at a gay pride parade. I’m afraid what he’d show if you have to pay money.

Anyway, the money goes to a great cause. Just look at this lineup!

I’ll be debuting a new talk on Skepticism & Genetics, so I hope I’ll see you there!


  1. The Lorax says

    I think someone should carve PZ’s bust out of marble, in the style of a Greek philosopher. Him and James Randi. They both have the beards for it.

  2. stevebowen says

    You’re showing your age :) How well a preserved backside P.Z has doesn’t “bare” thinking about

  3. MathMike says

    If you go over there right now, you have more than doubled PZ. It’s not often you’ll have a chance to say that.

  4. Alteredstory says

    What I wanna know is where did the 81 cents come from?

    Did one person add change?

    Did more than one?

    Was it just 81 cents, or was it fifty dollars and 81 cents?

    I realize it’s piffling next to the bit where McCreight the Often Right is over $300 already, but still, I’m curious.

  5. Alteredstory says

    I gotta say – that honestly didn’t occur to me 0.o

    Maybe I need to start travelling again…

  6. says

    How much money would it take to reveal you, PZ, and Eberhard (perfect name for this, btw) in one go? I must see delectable hot atheists, if I have the cash on hand!

    Also, and this is an honest question, but doesn’t this seem a bit odd? I mean, not a year ago you were criticizing people for making statements that implied that a little T&A could help by bringing attention to the skeptical movement, yet now you’re doing that very thing. I would like to know more about your reasoning and thought process, and how this differs from other uses of body-image/human sexuality that you would consider exploitive (or that have been implied to be exploitive in the past).

    Also, does anyone else really want to see PZ’s pin-up? I know he isn’t young or a woman, but I’ll be damned if I’m not most curious to see what kind of sexy image he posed for, simply on the basis that – of the three – he’s the one you’d least expect.

  7. azkyroth says

    Looks like about $2000/photo.

    Also, I can’t speak for Jen, but I would assume the combination of it being her own voluntary choice rather than something externally imposed on her, and it not being framed as trivializing her other accomplishments and characteristics, are important…

    (By the way, I have a suggestion: when introducing atheists, instead of “lovely and talented,” we should say “generally (and corporally) awesome.” :3)

  8. Alteredstory says

    Is it me, or are they “updating” faster than the dollars are piling up?

    I’m not objecting, but I count seven squares for under $600 >.>

  9. Rob says

    This is my last year in Missouri, so I figure I should probably make it to Skepticon at least once. I’ll see you there!

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