Suspect arrested in Mabus case

Says a tweet from the Montreal Police. Who knew an internet petition could actually do something.

I’m going to assume it’s Mabus, since he’s been particularly quiet lately. Unless there’s a surprise twist, and Mabus’s mom was the one sending all of the threats. Or if the internet was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Mabus is PZ Myers.

I hope this man gets the help he needs.


  1. Emery Emery says

    So PZ is the deep undercover, liberal poe? I am loving this story more and more! I wonder what role Heather and I will have been playing in all this once the truth is completely revealed. #mabuswasaninsidejob

  2. says

    The petition didn’t do anything. Didn’t you hear what the Montreal Police said? The petition just happened to be coincidentally at the same time they received the first ever complaint against an individual in their jurisdiction who has been sending out tens to hundreds of unsolicited messages and frequent threats of violence and murder for over a decade.

  3. Berlzebub says

    If the internet were directed by M. Night Shyamalan it’d have severe allergies to electrons.

  4. Pzmyers says

    That wasn’t true. I know for a fact that the Montreal police called on Mabus before, in response to a complaint I filed with my local police.

  5. Eric RoM says

    Don’t you mean “Airbender”?   (Or is this some detailed geekalicious thing I don’t want to know about?)

  6. says

    I know playing grammar-nazi is entirely unwarranted, but the use of “if…was” in the OP totally threw me for a loop for a moment, since I was expecting something that was an actual possibility to follow that construction :-p

  7. Azkyroth says

    “Since” has been used commonly to mean “due to” or “in consideration of” for considerably longer than you’ve been alive.

  8. The Artful Nudger says

    Not to imply a comprehension fail, PZ, but… I’m pretty sure Ryan was leaning on the “sarcasm” button while writing his comment.

  9. Blaz says

    It’s a detailed geekalicious thing you don’t want to know about. Which I am going to explain to you anyway.The original cartoon series was titeled Avatar, but James Cameron already registered Avatar for his own totally unrelated movie.  So when they made the movie they used the subtitle of the series as the title of the movie.

  10. the_Siliconopolitan says

    Made me confused as hell for ages when people were talking about how much they were looking forward to seeing Avatar, while I was reading about how much the casting sucked &c.

  11. says

    Particularly pleased with your final point in the post; while his behaviour was clearly worse for others than himself, I don’t think anyone behaves like that without actually and sincerely needing help.

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