Blogathon raises $5,483 for the Secular Student Alliance!

Thanks to all of you, Blogathon was a massive success! We ended up raising a whopping $5,483.01 for the Secular Student Alliance! That’s going to fund a whole lot of secular activism. So thank you, thank you, thank you!
As a geeky side note…I’d like to point out that now that we have three Blogathon data points, the amount donated has such a perfect linear fit that the R squared value is 0.9999. Of course, I purposefully set a linear donation goal for this year, so that may have influenced how much people donated. In that case, I should have set the goal to $10,000!

Tomorrow I’ll email those of you who won a copy of Michael Shermer’s book. But until then, I’m still recovering. Heck, I don’t even entirely remember what I wrote yesterday. Which were your favorite posts? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and that way all of my readers don’t have to wade through 49 posts to find the gems. If there were any gems. At the very least, reading my hate mail was fun.

Alright, back to being comatose!


  1. Brenda says

    The phone conversation one was hilarious. I get that confused after only a few hours of being tired. Couldn’t imagine going a full day.

  2. pete084 says

    Well done, very well done indeed, it took me a while to catch up with all your work, after I’d had a good nights sleep that is!I particularly liked the responses to your request for Europeans to give a frank opinion about America and its obsession with religion.

  3. JulietEcho says

    Thanks for bringing up polyamory in one of your posts – the distinctions between traditional (read: sexist) polygamy and modern polyamory are important, and the more people learn about real, ethical, poly people, the less they’ll be squicked out by the idea.

  4. says

    Post 42 “Another dose of surrealism” made me snicker loudly enough yesterday morning that I woke my poor boyfriend, Tim, out of a dead sleep… must admit, while feeling bad for the fellow, I was in no way threatened. Congrats on your success, what’s the goal for next year?

  5. says

    Agreed.  After all, there are plenty of traditional (read: sexist) one-man-one-women relationships out there, too.  People need to realize that it’s consent and ethics that are important, rather than the number of people or gender.Jen, thanks also for writing your posts about Harry Potter and fiction.  They were lots of fun to read.  I like the multi-disciplinary (both science and humanities) approach to skepticism.

  6. says

    I really wish I could contribute, but am piss poor this year.  Know that I will be contributing to next year’s ones, and thanks for doing this!

  7. Azkyroth says

    Seriously.  There’s even a recent Salon post (in your blogroll feed) that conflates them. >.>  I was almost tempted to register to point out how godawfully disingenuous that is.

  8. Azkyroth says

    Okay, so if I had money, and no outstanding promise to take my daughter to the fair, I would have contributed and asked about blogging.  How much time does blogging take up for you when you’re not doing it for charity?

  9. Annie says

    Your post about men having more control over abortions (sorry, don’t remember the number) was a great post.  Even though I enjoy the shorter, goofier posts… it was a blogathon, after all…   I thought this was well crafted and an important topic (thanks Mary).

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