Pink is always the answer

I’m not sure about the ponies, though. Kittens are obviously a much better tactic for getting women to join atheist groups.


  1. says

    I love her ending. She forgot to mention chocolate though. Because all women love chocolate more than anything else. If there’s free chocolate, I am so joining!

  2. The_MetaSkeptic says

    “As an alternative to these measures, you can treat women like unique individuals whose desires and aspirations can’t be pinned down by their gender.”What? That’s crazy talk! >:|

  3. says

    Ponies are skittish dangerous animals that I would not want at an meet up. I have however brought homemade chocolates to local events. The appeal of the noms is independent of gender. Yay Chocolate.

  4. says

    Well, I’d go with the alternate plan, but kittens sounds good too. And not just for women…Tell you what though, I bet ponies don’t waste time praying to hypothetical supreme beings…

  5. says

    Nice food transcends gender. Cookies are generally popular at any sort of meeting or group or whatever, in my experience, and some GMs at my role-play soc are successful at luring players to their games with food of various sorts…

  6. the_Siliconopolitan says

    Kittens are obviously a much better tactic for getting women to join atheist groups.

    Not if you want to keep the boys out.

  7. says

    Lol. I did always think it was odd hearing about attracting more women to the movement. As though we were strange alien beings to be sent smoke signals across the the cosmos.

  8. says

    True enough, but you realize that the whole issue started with someone’s observation that atheist/skeptical meetings were noticeably white male dominated? The implication was that either women and nonwhites were being excluded, or that something was making it unappealing to them.It’s an interesting observation of both skeptics and liberals – you can make baseless accusations, but we’re open-minded enough to at least consider the possibility. Then we get razzed for trying to ensure that they are baseless. But the general consensus was that we were already damned before that, so no net loss…

  9. ckitching says

    I’m convinced that there are two types of people in the world. Those who like chocolate, and those who lie about not liking it.

  10. Azkyroth says

    Too bad all you get is some cardboardesque crackers, cheap wine, and other people’s germs.

  11. says

    But I do just that! “Hey, babe. I really dig your big…frontal lobes. Let’s you and me do something blasphemous after the meetup. I’ll show you my Dawkins if you’ll show me your Hitchens, if you know what I mean.”Works every time. :p

  12. says

    Funny thing is, there’s a female regular at out Meetups who’s really into scrapbooking. I totally have to send her a link to this. She’ll laugh her ass off.

  13. WingedBeast says

    How about kitties? I’m a guy and an atheist and I like kittes. I’d go to an atheistic-kittie-petters-event (the petters being atheistic, though the kitties can be as well).

  14. says

    Do women think there’s something about Atheist groups that is off-putting? Or is just the regrettable fact that women in general (although I hate generalising) tend to be more religious?

  15. Architeuthys says

    What? Where’s the tl;dr? You should do tl;drs to summarize all of the videos you post, they’re hilarious. In fact, you should do it for every post, just for;dr – Moar tl;drs plz

  16. Georgia Sam says

    Kittens are more convenient, too. A lot cheaper, and easier to transport. But seriously, I really like the video.

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