Still feeling aftershocks from boobquake

On Friday I was interviewed by Definitely Not the Opera on the CBC, which I’m told is sort of the Canadian equivalent to This American Life on NPR. I was for their episode “What happens when you make your ‘private parts’ public,” and of course I talked about boobquake. It was a fun interview, and you can listen here. This interview was especially nifty because I actually got to go into NPR’s Seattle studio to record it. Happens to be a couple blocks from my lab, and I got to feel all officially with the fancy mikes and headphones instead of a shoddy webcam and Skype.

Oh, and boobquake made PC World’s top 8 Facebook memes. Woo.

And I just got a lovely email from a college student who’s on a Forensics team (not CSI forensics, the speech and debate type). She’s used boobquake as her topic for four competitions, and placed first in the last three! Congrats, Kait!

Some of my classmates joked that I should talk about boobquake for my end of the quarter research presentation on Friday, but I don’t think the department would appreciate that much. Sigh, guess I’ll go back to finishing my actual science then…


  1. Swarthier says

    Different topic. Take a look at Rosie Redfield’s take-down of the NASA scientists’ claim that a certain bacteria uses arsenic instead of phosphorus in the production of DNA:…. Methods so shoddy that I’d think even a first-year Ph.D. student would blanch.

  2. Screamer77 says

    Hold on a second, are you referring to forensic linguistics? What university was that student from?

  3. RdeG says

    What stood out to me in the interview was how much time you spent saying that you didn’t mean to bash anyone’s religion or culture with Boobquake. You seemed very defensive. Is that just where the interviewer was pushing you, or was that the point that you were trying to push?

  4. says

    Oh damn, can’t believe I missed that DNTO! Here I was thinking I *never* miss it and you just proved me wrong…off to listen to the recording.

  5. Lewin00 says

    It’s called Definitely Not the Opera because in the past the other CBC radio station had opera music playing during the same time slot.

  6. Quatguy says

    Way to go Jen! DNTO is usually a pretty good show and a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I caught part of it on the weekend, but unfortunately missed your segment. There was quite the controversy in Canada when SYL did Shortbus. She was almost fired from DNTO as the CBC big wigs thought is was not appropriate. However, the public and many Canadian music stars rallied to her side and the CBC relented and kept her on.

  7. says

    I’m from the College of DuPage, a community college in the Chicago suburbs. Our region has a very strong forensics community.

  8. Screamer77 says

    Dang, Chicago is a little too far! I was hoping you were studying in the Seattle area as well.

  9. says

    I like that you have this post labeled simply as “boobs”. You should label more posts with “boobs”, so you can make the “boobs” in your tag cloud larger.

  10. Mayor Hardin says

    That studio in Seattle is operated by your University, not NPR. Yeah, this is a nitpick, but this issue often comes up in regard to interviewer Terri Gross and program Fresh Aire; this program is inevitably described as an NPR program when it is an independent production by WHYY Philadelphia. Even the NPR ombudsman got this wrong once.I worked for the public radio station in Tacoma, Wash. (KPLU) back when the satellite thing was new and dinosaurs roamed the earth. We occasionally leased telephone lines to feed material to the Seattle uplink. (We had only a downlink and that was a five-foot satellite dish).

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