Nifty new video about the Secular Student Alliance

I command you to watch it. And if my decree is not enough motivation, you should totally watch it because it has cameos by Richard Dawkins, Brian Dalton (Mr. Deity), and Hemant Mehta:

While watching this video, I realized yet another thing that makes the Secular Student Alliance so awesome. Out of all the people featured, I have only not met one, and that was the guy from Africa. And out of the rest, I consider the majority friends rather than acquaintances, and some of them as very close friends. So not only did the SSA help make my club at Purdue a success, but I’ve personally made connections that I’ll have for a lifetime.

I’ve come a long way from thinking I was the only atheist out there. Thanks, SSA!


  1. LS says

    I didn’t really get “involved” in my Atheism until after I left university, but I’ve still seen how much help the SSA can be. More than anything, I think, because they demonstrate that these kinds of groups exist everywhere, and if they don’t, anyone with the drive can get things started, and build a community that can actually serve their local atheist community in a meaningful way.

  2. Katherine says

    I wish there was a group (not a student one since I have since graduated) for atheists locally :C Also, the Brian Dalton bit at the end is hilarious.

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