I’m back!

And I’m about to go pass out somewhere. My Canada speaking trip was fun, but I’m exhausted now that I’m home. I’ll write up more about my trip later, but for now I leave you with one very important question to ponder:

Why does Canada get Cadbury chocolate products year round? Why must we wait until Easter time for Cadbury eggs, when they have delicious stuff like Caramilk bars? Totally unfair.


  1. tekhiun says

    There are two competing answers to that question. Canada is the magic easter land. Or Jesus was Canadian.

  2. Vanessa says

    We have Cadbury all year long. I love their huge chocolate bars. We just only get the eggs at easter.

  3. says

    Actually it’s because we didn’t successfully revolt against British rule. Because we were/are part of the British Dominion we receive a lot of British candy, such as Cadbury. Conversely, there are plenty of things we don’t get up here that the states does, like decent breakfast sausage.

  4. says

    Cadbury is a British company and Canada tends to carry the British stuff. (Yes, I know that they’re made in Hershey, PA. Don’t ask me why.)

  5. WingedBeast says

    Except for the whole not-ousting-the-royalty thing, Canada is just plain better than us. They even have manners.

  6. says

    We’ve always had Caramilk bars it’s true, and I had no idea parts of the US didn’t have them year-round, but I have to say I’m slightly baffled and face-palmed to see bloody Mini Eggs on the shelves during the winter season. I can’t raise my eyebrow far enough or hard enough. It seems to be more of a trend in the last few years, because I do remember a time in my short life where these eggs were NOT available any time other than Easter.Then I think “Well why would we have chocolate damn eggs at Easter either?” and since I can’t come up for a logical explanation for chocolate eggs linked to ANY particular part of the ear, I just buy a bag and shut the hell up. *nods*

  7. Hans says

    The real question is why would you pine for Cadbury when you live in the city which is home to Theo Chocolates, as well as several locations of Dilettante Chocolate?

  8. Prairieknitwit says

    All you have to do is ask–I am sure SOMEONE around here can make you up a care package of Cadbury products and Kinder Eggs!

  9. Jen (but not the blogger Jen) says

    You don’t get Cadbury stuff? Weird. There’s a whole section of the lolly aisle devoted to Cadbury in every Australian supermarket. Chalk up one more point for Australia (and Canada) being awesome. :D

  10. Elliot says

    I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Since Hershey purchased Cadbury last year, I’m pretty sure that we’ll start seeing more Cadbury chocolate in stores fairly soon.

  11. says

    Maybe New Hampshire is weird, but I can usually find Cadbury products in drug stores. CVS mostly, but sometimes others. I’ve always been fond of their Fruit & Nut bars.

  12. says

    Cadbury put them out for a year-round thing over the summer, I think! :D I am ECSTATIC about this. To Jen: Thank you SO MUCH for coming up here and speaking! It was wonderful to meet you and hear you talk!

  13. says

    Hehehe… you also apparently don’t get real smarties….It was a blast I wish I could have made it to more than just the creation museum talk but that was excellent fun, thanks for coming and giving up some of your time to be geeked out at by us (and with us)! Hopefully you will return to the slightly more northerly city again… …or perhaps I should actually attempt to travel further south at some point…

  14. J04NN4 says

    Just a little brag here as it’s not often that Birmingham, UK is better than anywhere else…I live about 5 minutes from the main Cadbury factory :D Bourneville (neighbouring village, where chocolate factory is) and a lot of the buildings of Birmingham Uni were established by the Cadbury family.

  15. J04NN4 says

    Oh and you can go visit, eat tonnes of chocolate etc. It’s not just a factory, that wouldn’t benefit me at all!

  16. MarcusBailius says

    There are those who will say that Swiss is better than Belgian, Belgian is better than British, and British is better then Hersheys… Probably all true. But I do like a Cadbury Wispa now and again.Jen, come over to Britain. You can stay here a while and eat Cadbury chocolate and drink draught Strongbow to your heart’s content……Before you go back home to rehabilitate!

  17. n0b0dy says

    It’s a supplier thing. I used to get caramilk bars all the time in California. Maybe you didn’t get them in Indiana, but Seattle is a bigger population center. I’d wager someone in the area carries them if you’re willing to look hard enough.

  18. says

    Well Cadbury cream eggs only come out at Easter, and they are the awesome. And you have some pretty bizarre and awesome sugary delights yourself. Like that cereal that’s nothing but tiny chocolate chip cookies. That’s looking the obesity epidemic in the face and saying “Bring it.”

  19. says

    While I will happily agree that Cadbury is better than any US chocolate I’ve ever eaten, it’s still pants compared to just about any chocolate from Switzerland. My fiancée’s family live in Geneva, and the supermarket-own-brand type chocolate there blows Dairy Milk away, easy.

  20. says

    Plus, I’m told the Cadbury’s products in NA (either US or Canada) are a different recipe to ours (in the UK)… everyone I’ve spoken to who’s had both prefers the British version.

  21. Amber says

    Cost Plus World Market usually keeps a greater variety of non-american candy than you can find in most stores in the U.S. for example, my hubby was none too happy when they started making all Mounds bars with dark chocolate, but there’s this British candy bar called Bounty that is more like the old Mounds, with milk chocolate. World Market keeps those. not sure about their Cadbury selection, but they’d be a good place to check.

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