Douchey women ask for raises

…Wait, what?Yes, because your vagina has to smell minty fresh before you dare do serious business. Oh, and don’t forget to eat. Or be on time. Or think about what you’re going to say. Those things may just be important, in case you were too worried about your smelly vagina to remember.

…I hate women-targeted advertisements, in case you couldn’t tell.

Oh, and ladies? Douching is bad for you. Don’t do it.

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  1. LS says

    Okay, I have to point out an inconsistency here:Supposedly, women aren’t as good at men ad dealing with complex machinery.But vaginas? FUCKIN’ COMPLICATED! Out of curiosity I once looked into the mechanics of douching, then learned it was bad, then learned only the saline solution was bad and water was good, then Jen posts this and supposedly it’s just bad period. If anything, Chix0rz got a head start on us boys in figuring out complex machinery >.>

  2. says

    Wow, I always sorta thought douching was totally fine and healthy. In fact, even recommended.This is certainly some information I might end up passing along… though the conversation might become a little weird when I do, lol.

  3. says

    In all honesty, I really didn’t see any problem when I read that ad before reading your response to it. Mind you, I focused on the actual tips, thinking that’s what you were reacting to, and they all seemed pretty boilerplate. And even now, I think it’s quite a stretch to assume that the ad means anything like “you need to clean your vagina before asking for a raise”. It’s just a typically inane product placement, really.

  4. EdenBunny says

    Where? I looked and I didn’t see a coupon or a number to call or anything. How do they get your address? Please let me know; I’m always on the lookout for free food offers, especially hi-protein, hi-fiber, healthier fat foods like nuts. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist…)

  5. EdenBunny says

    Yes, but you have to remember that Jen is an intelligent woman, so ads specifically designed to insult a woman’s intelligence are bound to get her a little peeved. I’m guessing its kind of like the feeling I get when I see those obnoxious Enzyte ads…

  6. EdenBunny says

    …and they did have the audacity to put the usage of their product first on the list of necessary preparations.Putting it last on the list may have gone over well as a good-natured joke, if not for the fact that the ad is promoting an unhealthy practice that could lead to medical problems, but making it the primary issue reeks like a infected crotch….

  7. says

    There is no reason at all to throw water up yer vagina. That mucus stuff? It’s GOOD shit. Protective. Douching strips away that protection.

  8. EdenBunny says

    Jen, the article did mention that keeping the external area clean is a good idea. I’m guessing that it may also be advantageous to enhance such cleanliness with an occasional light scrubbing using a clean wet tongue…

  9. WhatPaleBlueDot says

    NO!!! Oh how do we learn these things?@!Occasionally, if one is prone to high ph and the troubles that brings, a wash with a solution of vinegar and sterile water can lower the ph sufficiently to reduce said troubles, but it should not be part of a normal vaginal care routine. Vaginas should be left alone. Well. As far as cleaning goes.

  10. says

    You have to figure out how to compete with the guy in the next cubicle. After all, he went to a school almost as good as yours. His grades were nearly as good as yours, too. He works hard. In fact, most mornings, he’s the second person in the office. You know this, because you’re always first. He is young, ruggedly good looking, and he washes his balls with something manly, like Old Spice body wash. Every man wants to smell like that guy that smells awesome.Plus, We all know the proper way for a woman to ask for a raise form their boss isn’t to have sex with him, but offer a blowjob for the raise. That way you don’t have to worry about your vagina smelling minty fresh, and breath mints are a easier to carry.

  11. says

    I’m insulted by this ad and I have a wee-wee. Almost every boss I’ve had in my professional career has been female and I’d be surprised if they all douched. I’m not about to survey them on it, either.

  12. JulietEcho says

    Nope – you’ve got to scrub that yourself or you’ll build up a stinky sebum collection. Not a good reason to chop it off though, since it should only take you about thirty seconds in the shower.

  13. Julie says

    A friend of mine once thought that whenever she got a yeast infecction, she should take multiple baths and scrub her vagina until it was angry and raw with soap. When I told her that that was actually likely to make it worse, she seemed shocked.

  14. EdenBunny says

    That’s debatable. After all, those 30 second washings add up. Averaging one shower per day, thats over 3 hours per year. If a man has had it cut shortly after his birth and saves up the freed time, then near the end of his life he can throw an orgy lasting one day for every eight years he’s lived… based on average American male lifespan, that orgy is likely to last over a week!Of course, it might be at least as advantageous if he can find a woman who is willing to help him with his hygienic chores by allowing him to borrow her organic cleansing system…(Note: Neither the second paragraph of this comment nor the other comment I’ve made in a similar vein is really intended to be taken seriously; I strongly support the use of condoms and other prophylactic devices…)

  15. says

    Yep, nothing like feeling you’re dirty and smelly to boost your confidence. Oh, and almost as important! Eat breakfast.The product they need to work on is a foot wipe for dude sits beside me with his feet crammed in his socks and stinky shoes all day. How about boosting his confidence?

  16. says

    Oh for fuck’s sake! Are they still running crap like that in women’s magazines? Makes me so glad I stopped reading them years ago, they make your brain melt :P

  17. says

    While a woman may or may not have written that I’d doubt the ad would be used much if it wasn’t effective. Insecurities are good for profits!

  18. says

    Does this really amount to sexism though? It’s only aimed at women because they can’t (or shouldn’t, maybe wouldn’t?) use it. Adverts aimed at both sexes constantly take advantage of dumb people, some are specific to one sex. I don’t see how this is any different to adverts that tell men they need 7 blade razors or women will never touch them.

  19. says

    The idea of douching in general is at least offensive. Women shouldn’t be ostracized for something that’s perfectly natural. (I know you probably feel the same way; just saying.)

  20. says

    Ironically, my ex (what is it with you and my ex correlations today?) was totally self conscious of her scent the day she went in for an important interview. But she didn’t douche cos it totally is bad for the vag.

  21. CurtisP says

    There is one problem with your analysis Jen. Douches don’t seem to be mentioned anywhere in this ad. Only a body wash cleansing towlettes are being advertised, both of which are designed for external use.Or are you suggesting that women should not shower?

  22. MsSnarks says

    I was pretty shocked when I read about this (I hadn’t realised that people still considered douching to be okay). I thought I’d better read up on the madness and so I visited the site. I’d like to direct your attention to the page dealing with the Feminine Wash (…. If you read the FAQ, you’ll find that “Summer’s Eve washes and shower gels are not used internally” (a direct quote). The website specifically states that their products (with the exception of the deodorant spray, I’m not quite sure how that one works) are for external use. I’d imagine that the product labels would have similar messages.I suppose that what I’m trying to say is that the ad, while still sort of horrifyingly old-fashioned and misguided in its insistence on the need to wash (the exterior) of one’s va-jay-jay with a florally-scented product in order to get a raise, is not necessarily promoting the unhealthy and dangerous practice of squirting “cleansing” fluids up there.

  23. CurtisP says

    MsSnarks: As far as I’m concerned, clean external genitalia is happy external genitalia – male or female. I’m not sure you need a special product for it — seems to me any pure soap would do. Just keep the shampoo away (ouch).

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