I’ve lost my mind

Mark: What do you call a melon who can’t get married?
Jen: A cantelope
Mark: No, GAY
Me: What do you call a man who sucks another guy’s cock?
Mark: Gay?
Mark: WTF

This is funny to me. That should illustrate how little sanity I have left. I have started to drink coffee mixed with white russian mix. No, this will probably not solve my problems.

Also, the internet on my computer keeps blipping in and out, so I’ve had to go downstairs to use my dad’s. After suddenly starting sneezing and losing the ability to breath, I remembered the cat sits right next to my dad’s computer. Cry.

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  1. hippiefemme says

    Oh, you poor kitten. You still have seven and a half hours to go! Will you be taking caffeine intravenously from now on?

  2. Nathan says

    You’re not as crazy as you might think, my favorite joke of all time was one that I told my friend, which was a combination of the infamous “watchtower” holocaust joke, and any 9/11 joke. Neither of us were tired, or inebriated in any fashion but we found it to be uproariously funny to the point that we both began to cry. Without further adieux here is the joke:Me: You know my grandpa died on 9/11?Friend: Oh, dude that’s so sad. I had no idea.Me: Yeah, he fell off the watchtower.Us: *ROFL*

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