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Which Ninja turtle do you prefer?

Donatello, of course! How could the scientist not be my favorite? I’d always choose him in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles video game for NES. I still remember how accomplished my friend and I felt if we made it to the skateboard level (we were in 1st grade, cut us some slack).

And just to prove my TMNT/art geekiness, I own this shirt:
So I hear we shall see Harry Potter nude in the next movie…could be wrong. The perv in me so wants to tho ;D

Hm, I’m torn. On one hand, I was never a fan of Harry in the books. He annoyed the living crap out of me. Pretty much all of his characteristics were the antithesis of traits I look for in a guy, so I never understood the Harry fangirling. On the other hand, I’m always for gratuitous male nudity, especially within my geeky fandoms. That and I like Daniel Radcliffe – he seems intelligent, witty, and humble. You know, traits that actually are attractive to me.

Now if someone invents a time machine and we get a Younger Alan Rickman nude scene, then I’ll join you in flailing.


I’ll show you something even better:Ah, the bad decisions we made at age 17. As a funny side note, we had no idea who that person in the Pikachu suit was.


  1. Jen (but not the blogger Jen) says

    A feminist, scientist, skeptic blogger… AND a Ninja Turtles fan?? You, Jen, are perfection in the form of a woman. (Plus, you have an awesome name, in my obviously biased opinion).

  2. coffeekraken says

    I’ll second that. I’m big on skepticism and atheism and science AND TMNT NES! I recently put the soundtrack from the game on my mp3 player. This blog rules!! Also, ‘J’ names are best (I’m a little biased though).

  3. says

    I guess all the people who don’t live in London (or don’t like plays about zoophilia and eye-stabbing) will finally get to see Radcliffe’s Magic Wand (sorry, but someone was going to say it.)

  4. says

    I’m still waiting for Jessica Alba to give us gratuitous nudity. As for time machine nudity, the female cast of the Original Charlie’s Angels would have to be high on my list. (Yes I’m a little older than you Jen). As for Geek Nudity, well we all wanted a full frontal of Carrie Fischer, didn’t we?

  5. lomifeh says

    So, I am not the only one who finds Harry annoying, that makes me happy. If anyone wants to see Radcliffe being funny check out the episode of Extras he shows up in. It doesn’t beat Patrick Stewart when he appeared in it but it is good.Also Leonardo was the coolest ninja turtle obviously.

  6. says

    Not a huge HP fan myself…I watch it mostly for Snape…and never bothered to read the books.(Alan Rickman is a bad ass, what can I say?)As for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…I really don’t think I HAD a “favorite”…they were all my favorite. And Shredder was such a fun bad guy. ^_^ I think I also had a crush on April O’Neal back when I was just a runt. Then again, I was a very unusual boy. Most boys thought you got “cooties” from girls…me? I used to steal my dad’s dirty mags and read them under my bed. lol

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