Thoughts on grad school

“What are you most looking forward to about grad school? What are you hoping to achieve? And, what will you actually be studying? I mean, is there really more to know about copulatory plugs?”

I’m most looking forward to finally be studying what I’ve always wanted to research: human genetics and evolution. I don’t know the exact topic yet since UW has you do a year of lab rotations, but there are a lot of exciting projects going on there. I haven’t been able to investigate that area yet since no one at Purdue really researches human genetics or evolution too much – I think mainly because we don’t have a medical school.

So no, I’m not going to be researching copulatory plugs anymore. Even that wasn’t my main project at Purdue. My bigger project was looking at population genetics and historical demography in kangaroo rats. I’ll be able to talk more about them here once they’re officially published, but until then, I have to keep quiet.

And looking at the bigger picture, I’m excited to be furthering my education and becoming an “expert” in my field. I really enjoy research and teaching, so I think academia is the right place for me. And I just love to learn – I’m geeking out about all the advanced classes that I’ll be taking, which I think is a good sign.

…Okay, and it’s nice knowing I have an assured paycheck for five years in this crappy economy and that I’ll be Dr. McCreight at the end. But really, those are just perks! Really nice perks, hehe.


  1. Bee says

    Yay for getting to study your passion!!Found your blog a while ago, and my exams are coming up, so obviously it’s time to look at the archives!!Your awesome, keep it up :)

  2. ArturosKnight says

    Congrats on that. Philosophy Grad School isn’t far away for me – one more year and I’m probably off to the North. I really can’t see myself doing anything else.

  3. says

    Dr. McCreight sounds good. If you can add “boobquake” in your name, it would be fantastic: Dr. Jennifer Boobquake McCreight. Nobody in the world has used boobquake in their name yet. You can be the first.

  4. says

    Congratulations. I have NO idea what a copulatory plug is but if it’s relevant to your subject of interest then good for you. Now human evolution and genetics, something I can wrap my mind around while still not having a detailed knowledge of the subject. Good luck on the new, next, pursuit.

  5. Introbulus says

    *Insert lewd comment about the use of the phrase “realy nice perks”* There. Now no one else can say they thought of it first. Also, apologies in advance for anyone who is offended. Especially Jen. Sorry Jen, I’ve been conditioned to make puns.

  6. skepticalmedia says

    Perhaps when you finally earn your PhD you can get a staff position as a research scientist at the Creation Museum as did Dr Georgia Purdom, interviewed here by Michael Shermer.

    (This is really scary that someone like Dr. Purdom could earn a doctorate and believe the earth is only 6,400 years old)

  7. says

    well, sounds like you’re going to have fun :-)one of these days i’ll make it back to college, too. You make it sound fun ;-)

  8. Jerad says

    As a kid I loved kangaroo rats, they were my favorite mammals! I look forward to the kangaroo rat discussion.

  9. says

    Jen,I’m beyond thrilled for you, getting the opportunity to dedicate your studies and effort toward what you’ve been hoping to for ages. I’m also jealous – you’ve known what you wanted to do for a lot longer than I have… sort of. And you’re clever, amusing and obviously thoughtful about the issues you address here.Congratulations. And best wishes for the future.

  10. says

    It pleases me to see that you are happy, and looking forward to the future. I have a bit of news myself, it looks as though I’m off to the Sudan with ‘Doctors Without Borders’ or as they’re known everywhere else ‘Médecins Sans Frontières’ with a 9 month assignment.Good luck with your upcoming changes, I hope you settle in quickly.

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