Let’s see how Purdue handles this…

Our student newspaper, the Exponent, had a special low rate for clubs advertising their callout. We decided to take advantage of it, and the ad ran today:

I think it looks pretty snazzy – they added the color. If you can’t read the fine print, it says “A student organization for atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, or anyone who lacks religious or supernatural beliefs.” I’m curious to see if there will be any negative reaction to this – maybe an angry letter to the editor? The Exponent has gotten letters about less controversial things in the past.

Can’t tear this down!


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    Way to go, Jen! Looks great, and hopefully it does get angry letters. You might be able to start a really interesting conversation. If it affects one person, it'd be worth it.

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    I can just see it now, some fundie sitting at one of the newspaper distribution stands going through each one using a Sir Marks a Lot to cover up each of your ads.

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    Yeah, I usually ignore the ads too. I guess we're sort of hoping someone freaks out at it, thus giving us more publicity.

  4. Anonymous says

    As a graying Boomer who visits here occasionally via Pharyngula, let me say:

    1) Keep fighting the good fight.

    2) Loved your account of the Creation theme park visit.

    3) I am SO glad that undergrad school is far behind me!

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    They can't tear it down, but they can cut the ad out of every copy of the Exponent they can find! I can see them now, sneaking around campus, scissors in hand…

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