Awww, I missed the cut for Ken Ham's disdain!

Remember when I said I was told the Creation Museum was taking photos of cars that had liberal bumper stickers? Well, it turns out that was true. Ken Ham, still cranky that a bunch of atheists invaded his museum, posted a bunch of the horrible bumper stickers that our group had. I mean, look at these awful things!
Doing good is your religion? Marriage is love?! Ethics?!? OBAMA?!?! *swoon*

Though I admit, I’m severely disappointed that none of my bumper stickers made the cut. I guess my Darwin Fish and Obama sticker were too common, and I have a feeling he didn’t get my “Republicans for Voldemort” one. Pretty sure they’re the kind of people who don’t read Harry Potter.

(Via Pharyngula)


  1. says

    I could see Hamster’s face as he pondered that one.”Voldemort…Voldemort…he must have ran in Indiana. I didn’t vote for a Voldemort. Does she mean Mike Voldemort, down in Mississippi? No, why would she have voted for Mike Voldemort? Besides, I don’t think he even runs for office.”No, nothing at all makes sense here!”

  2. says

    It’s hilarious how that Obama one is up there, and along side it is an Amnesty International sticker and Civil Liberties one. I thought when I maximised it there would be at least one atheistic message up there, as a bit of insurance if someone questions it. Rev I don’t think it’s even subtlety implying that ‘Real Christians’ couldn’t have voted for Obama!

  3. daniel m says

    oh noes! it is teh ebilz!”to do good is my religion” – how dare they do good! “Marriage is defined by LOVE” – gasp! but, but, but, it’s all about teh sexxors (in the dark, lights out, five minutes max, missionary) and the making of babies! love has nothing to do with it!come to think, how dare they vote for biden and obama! People who vote for secret kenyan muslims must be evil!sarcasm mode OFF: as with all “evidence”, you just have to ask…is this all you guys have got?

  4. says

    OMG OBAMA BIDEN? Gah! do they really think this way? Then look at their comment on the website “Actually, I believe some of these messages really do reflect what the devil offered Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, “you shall become as gods . . . .”Hows that for a parsing of the bible that makes no sense… are they saying “Obama is from the Devil???” what are these people on?

  5. says

    Anyone notice some unintentional irony in Ham’s commentary here?”I believe some of these messages really do reflect what the devil offered Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, ‘you shall become as gods…'”I’m pretty sure Ham is talking about messages like “DNA is life,” etc. here.The quote was, of course, when the serpent was convincing Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. Is this not a tacit disapproval of inquiry and the quest for knowledge by Ham? At his educational institution?

  6. Anonymous says

    personally, I say “roll on, eternal life”. we’re almost like gods now – and that scares the religious nuts.We can talk to people on the other side of the world, we fly through the air like it was nothing. We’ve been to the moon!They’re scared, their little god was enough for bronze-age goat-herders. For everyone else, it’s not.

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