God's Stimulus Package

I laughed when my good friend Mark told me about this, so he typed it up. Consider this a guest post of sorts:

“I hitched a ride with my roommate’s dad to go home to do some Pre-calc tutoring this weekend. Money, hooray! Being that this is Indiana, there tend to be signs of a religious nature that pop up on the highways. I’m sure Jen has mentioned to you about the Jesus is Real/Hell is Real sign on I-65.

As it turns out, that isn’t the only sign in that area! As we were driving up US 41, we passed a very obviously pro-life sign I hadn’t ever seen before. The sign said “God’s Stimulus Package” and had a picture of a box with babies in it. After the initial shock of seeing the sign, I realized it was very thought provoking.

It got me to thinking. How WOULD extra babies stimulate the economy? Extra padding for a national food store? Alternative fuel source? What do you think?”

I’m thinking a baby fighting ring – we’ll need the extra entertainment when the economy completely collapses, right?


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    Their little fingers can probably be put to service stitching things, assembling circuit boards, etc., with a little training. Also, perhaps spare some canaries in the coal mines?

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    Hypothetically, more people means more spending, which means bigger economy. After all, mommy and daddy will need to buy diapers and cribs and five billion tons of milk and strained vegetables and baby toys and all that other stuff you need to raise a baby. And then when baby grows up into kid, kid will want to buy things.But the horrible cynic in me says more babies equals more welfare. Suckle that federal teat!In any case, not the best stimulus plan most of us could think up. Tithing would probably be more efficient.

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