Bi Any Means Podcast #167: Islam, Secularism, and Intersectionality with Sam Farooqui

My guest for today is Sam Farooqui. She’s an ex-Muslim and an organizer who was a campus organizer for Secular Student Alliance in college, and has interned with both CFI and the American Humanist Association. Today I have her on the show to talk about her life, her work, and her thoughts on secular activism and intersectionality.

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Bisexual People Aren’t Confused Or Closeted. We’re Tired Of Being Invisible. — My Latest for HuffPost

Through Pride Month celebrations, inclusive books, movies and TV shows, and out and proud politicians and public figures, LGBTQ life is slowly but surely becoming more welcome and mainstream, even despite attempts from the powers that be to silence us. However, the “B” in the middle of our LGBTQ rainbow is often forgotten, ignored or unfairly discriminated against.

Which is why we celebrate Bisexual Visibility Day.

In 1999, three bisexual activists ― Gigi Raven Wilbur, Michael Page, and Wendy Curry ― decided that Sept. 23 would be a day for bisexuals around the world to remind people that we exist, we’ve always been a part of the fight for queer liberation, and our sexuality is real and valid. Despite the fact that the woman known as the “mother of Pride,” Brenda Howard. was bisexual, or the fact that bisexuals make up the largest share of LGBTQ people in America, invisibility still plagues many bisexuals.

Many people, straight and gay alike, believe you can either be one or the other, and that anything in the middle is selfish, confused or fake ― in short, that bisexuality isn’t even real. That biphobia is causing real problems.

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Bi Any Means Podcast #166: Naked Mormonism with Bryce Blankenagel

My guest for today is Bryce Blankenagel. He’s the host of the podcasts Naked Mormonism which focuses on Mormon history, and the new Glass Box which focuses on Mormon news. Today I have him on the show to talk about some of the craziest shit he’s found so far with his research, and some current news stories surrounding the Mormon Church.

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Bi Any Means Podcast #165: The Truth about Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria with Julia Serano

My guest for today is Julia Serano. She’s a trans-bi activist, the author of the books “Whipping Girl” and “Excluded,” a musician, a spoken-word artist, and a biologist. Today I got her on the show to talk about the controversy surrounding Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria, and why the science behind it is pretty sketchy.

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The Biskeptical Podcast #55: Flipping on Trump

Today on the show, we spend another hour about the latest crazy shit surrounding the Trump administration. This time, it’s all about Michael Cohen’s plea bargain, all the people close to Trump that have been granted immunity in the investigation, and whether or not any of this will have any effect on Trump’s presidency. We also talk about the recent passing of Sen. John McCain, but it’s less about his legacy and more about how Trump’s beef with him continues even after death. Seriously, with Trump as the president, we’ll never run out of material for this show!

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Bi Any Means Podcast #164: Transitioning as Non-Binary with Ollie and William

Today’s episode is a panel discussion with two of my friends about what it means to transition when you’re non-binary. As people who don’t fit into the male-female dichotomy, I feel like we’re often left on our own to figure out what to do with our bodies, our presentations, and our lives. Joining me to talk about this are my friends and fellow NBs Ollie and William, and together we hope to figure all this shit out.

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I Was an Asshole on Twitter — My Latest for Splice Today

While the news broke about Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen a couple of days ago, I was called a troll. Earlier that day I tweeted that Bari Weiss, Katie Herzog, and Cathy Young would eventually write “pearl-clutching response articles” about how the removal of UNC’s Silent Sam monument was part of the Regressive Left’s postmodern cultural Marxist agenda for erasing history. A few hours and two more snotty tweets aimed at Weiss and Herzog later, the self-described Second Most Hated Writer at The Stranger—and former Splice Today contributor—told me that as a UNC graduate, she was always against Silent Sam and would’ve helped tear it down if she still lived in Chapel Hill. Young also tweeted at me and told me she’s always been against Silent Sam as well.

Normally I’d have a panic attack, but I’ve learned to be more rational through therapy and SMART Recovery, so instead I went into analytical mode. Let’s start with the facts: First, I made an assumption about three writers with whom I disagree 99 percent of the time based on their prior articles and tweets. Second, I aired that assumption on a public forum that anyone can see if they do a quick name search. Third, two of the writers confronted me with cold hard facts that debunked my assumption. Therefore, it logically follows that in the future I should take Herzog’s advice and stop making assumptions about people I’ve never met. Or at least don’t air those assumptions where everyone can see them.

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Bi Any Means Podcast #163: Fighting White Supremacy with Casper Rigsby

My guest for today is Casper Rigsby. For those that missed his interviews on both The Gaytheist Manifesto and the Inciting Incident, he is a former member of the Aryan Nation, and today I have him on the show to talk about a few questions that have been on my mind lately about effective means of combating white supremacy in America today.

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Gender Dysphoria at an Alt-Country Show — My Latest for Splice Today

It’s Friday night and I’m at a coffee shop waiting for a local alt-country band to go onstage in an attempt to be more social. So far the social part isn’t working; I’m still the awkward wallflower sitting alone at a table, just like I was in my 20s. The only difference is now I’m trying to look more like the girl in the band than the four male members.

The guys in the band all have stereotypical hipster beards, glasses, and tattoos. Except for the tats, I used to look the same back when I was trying to make myself believe I was one of the boys. Masculinity was like a pair of shoes that didn’t quite fit, but I wore them despite all the blisters because I didn’t know there were other options. It wasn’t until I was 30 that I discovered there was a word that described how I always felt: genderqueer. Since then it’s been a process of trying on different clothes, hairstyles, pronouns, and makeup that were way more comfortable than my beard and men’s department jeans. Yet now as I look back and forth between the boys in the band and the sole female member, that old feeling of discomfort whacks me upside the head with a baseball. I can’t help but look at the woman the whole time. It’s not that I want to be with her; more like I want to be her.

The band goes on stage and launches into their set: it’s a mixture of the Old 97’s, Whiskeytown, and Uncle Tupelo with a touch of Jack White sprinkled in. The music is great, but I can’t enjoy it. All I think is, “I’ll never be who I want to be.”

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