Bi Any Means Podcast #131: Top 10 Favorite Episodes of 2017

Today on the show I’m counting down my top ten favorite episodes of 2017. It’s a similar structure to last year’s best of 2016 episode, but because Spreaker doesn’t list most downloaded episodes in numerical order anymore and I’m too lazy to do the math myself, I decided to just list my personal favorite episodes from this past year instead. That way I can highlight episodes that didn’t get a lot of downloads.

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New Paste Magazine Article and Two Podcast Guest Appearances

Hey y’all!

Last weekend I was at the 76th American Humanist Association conference, so I forgot to share my latest Paste Magazine article and two podcasts I was on.

My latest Paste Magazine article is “Can You Really Change Someone’s Mind?” It goes into the science of changing people’s mind (spoiler alert: it’s complicated).

I was also on The Gaytheist Manifesto last week in a panel discussion on Pride Month, and the Inciting Incident to read two blog posts I wrote last year about the Pulse shooting.


Bi Any Means Podcast #52: From Minister to Cabbie with Pat Green

My guest for today is Pat Green. He is a former minister turned taxi driver, and his first book “Night Moves: An Ex-Preacher’s Journey to Hell in a Taxi” was released last summer. Today we’re going to talk about his journey, what driving a taxi has taught him about humanity, and what it’s like to be a parent of a transgender child.



The Biskeptical Podcast #1: Can We Dump Trump?

So Morgan from No Religion Required and I just started a side project podcast called The Biskeptical Podcast, which is  a bimonthly show that takes a look at politics, religion, and current events from the perspective of two bisexual atheists. And this is our first episode! Today we discuss what’s at stake now that Donald Trump is the unofficial official GOP nominee, and why the Tenth Amendment doesn’t mean states can ignore federal government anti-discrimination policies. Enjoy!

biskeptical (1)

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So Who’s Trav? Listen to my Interview on The Secular Barbershop and Find Out!

So is this Trav person? What’s their backstory? Just take a listen to Uber4ortyse7ven’s interview with me on his podcast The (Secular) Barbershop!

A few things about the interview, first. I talk about suicide, depression, and gender dysphoria, so there’s your CN. Also, I was drinking an IPA during the interview, so hopefully I don’t sound too drunk.