Trolling is Tempting — My Latest for Splice Today

Every morning, at breakfast I check Twitter to see if Bari Weiss or any other writer I don’t like tweeted something that’ll make me mad. If they haven’t, then I check their likes to see if they liked any tweets that I don’t like, and then search on Twitter to see if anyone else hates these writers as much as I do. Finally I look at the clock, see that the morning is almost over, and think about hit pieces I can write about Weiss et al. while I brush my teeth and shave.

However, the other day, I thought, “Is this healthy? Isn’t Internet drama one of the things that fed into my drinking problem? Also, is hate-following all these classical liberal/libertarian pundits helping me write? Then what the hell am I doing?” I like to think I’m just getting ideas for future articles and motivating myself to make stronger arguments for progressive values, but maybe the opposite is happening. Maybe I’m just a troll.

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And don’t worry, folks. I’m NOT joining the Intellectual Dark Web. I just get burned out real quickly on toxic Internet culture.

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