ContraPoints is the Hero We Need — My Latest for Splice Today

In a world where YouTube has been taken over by the Alt-Right and classical liberals who accuse everyone who disagrees with them of being postmodern neo-Marxists, one transgender woman rises above to bring reason and nuance to the marketplace of ideas.

ContraPoints, a YouTuber based in Baltimore, currently has over 110,000 subscribers and criticizes both the Intellectual Dark Web and modern-day Marxists. A former philosophy professor, Contra (real name Natalie Parrott) has a ability to dissect topics such as racism, cultural appropriation, capitalism, free speech, and Jordan Peterson with the perfect balance of humor and reason. Even Kinda Funny co-founder and outspoken libertarian Colin Moriarty gave her a mention on a recent episode of The Rubin Report.

Her latest video takes a critical look at Peterson’s claims, especially his “postmodern neo-Marxism is everywhere and ruining everything” line. She first explains the difference between modernism (using the Scientific Method to figure out everything, from the natural world to politics) and postmodernism (skepticism about being absolutely certain about everything), and then explains that technically Marxism is a metanarrative most postmodernists reject. As far as Peterson’s definition of postmodern neo-Marxism, Contra says it’s a nonsensical umbrella term for everything about the Left he doesn’t like. She points out that Marxists and identity politics activists tend to hate each other. I’ve seen many fights on Facebook about this.

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