New Articles on Everyday Feminism and Splice Today!

I’m pleased to announce my first (and hopefully not the last) article with Everyday Feminism came out today! It’s called 9 Things Not to Say to a Non-Binary Person.

The second is my first article with Splice Today, a Baltimore-based site, called Thanks to Tumblr, I’m Genderqueer. (My second article with them comes out tomorrow.)



  1. Timna says

    Hello! I really appriciated you article in Everyday Feminism. As a non-binary genderqueer person using they/them pronouns I chuckled, applauded, and enjoyed your writing. I wanted to bring something up in reference to historical references you made to Hijra and Two-Spirit histories. I have invested time into researching Two Spirit history and tradition and a large element of the way these people functioned in their communities was unique for each tribe (various gender variances are included in the two-spirit umbrella). Hijras historically have played important roles in Indian society and are today more osteisized due to western influences. (Not to mention Hijra tradition is only welcoming of male-assigned-at-birth individuals). I just wanted to bring to attention the importance of not conflating non-binary in relation to the white cis male hetero patriarchy of today with the unique gender variant roles that existed in these unique societies. We can always look to these groups and histories for inspiration and way to subvert our system of binary gender but hopefully without minimizing the rich unique tradition various groups upheld. Just wanted to share, thank you for you writing!

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