Bi Any Means Podcast #78: Foundation Beyond Belief with Noelle George



My guest for today is Noelle George, the Executive Director of Foundation Beyond Belief. According to her bio on, “Noelle is a secular activist who grew up in Seattle, Washington, but didn’t become passionate about secular activism until she moved to Houston, Texas, and was constantly asked ‘Where do you go to church?’ She has worked as a degreed chemical engineer and project manager, but moved to secular activism in 2009. Since then, she has leveraged her previously learned professional skills to help multiple national secular organizations and has also traveled around the country consulting with local groups on the topics of volunteering, leadership, organizational skills, and feminism. In addition to her work at FBB, Noelle is the founder of Mothers Beyond Belief, is on the advisory board of Secular Woman, and is on the American Humanist Association’s LGTBQ Humanist Alliance Advisory Council.” So today we’re going to talk about her background and Foundation Beyond Belief.

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