Bi Any Means Podcast #67: Women in Secularism 4



Today’s episode is a collection of short interviews I did with some of the speakers and attendees of last week’s Women in Secularism 4 conference in Arlington, VA. Women in Secularism is a yearly conference put on by the Center for Inquiry where a diverse group of women talk about what it means to be a secular woman, not just in theory but in practice. This year’s convention featured conversations about why there aren’t many out secular women, what it means to matter, and a heated yet still interesting discussion about the safe space debate. I wasn’t able to interview everyone I wanted to, but I did manage to snag a few great speakers, so today we’re gonna hear from blogger Dr. Ashley F. Miller, American Humanist Association president Rebecca Hale, Yvette d’Entremont the SciBabe, philosopher Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, and ex-Muslim activist Maryam Namazie.



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