I’m Back!

Yes, folks, Bi Any Means is back! I don’t want to rehash the incident that led to my three-week hiatus (you can read about it here), but I realized it was time to take a breather and do some serious introspection. Now I feel ready to get back into the game.

With that, here are a few changes to Bi Any Means:


  1. All comments must be manually approved by me first. I used to have a laissez-faire approach to my comment section: If you have a bullshit argument, it’s your job to prove me wrong, and if you can’t, the egg is on your face, not mine. However, with the MRAs running amok in the now infamous “toxic” feminists post, I’ve decided it’s best to read all comments first before deciding whether or not I want to give you some platform. And no, it’s not a violation of your free speech rights because, as I previously mentioned, I’m not the government.


  1. Abear is forever banned from the comment section. I thought he was just a regular person with some bad ideas that I could hopefully debunk, but I recently found out he’s from the Slymepit, so fuck him!


  1. The Bi Any Means podcast is still happening, but I’m not sure about the Biskeptical podcast yet. I want to use podcasting as a way to give a platform to others rather than just tell everybody what I think, so I was thinking about ending the Biskeptical podcast. However, a few friends told me I should keep doing it, so who knows?


I had a nice three-week vacation, and now it’s time to get back to work.


  1. polishsalami says

    To be honest, I didn’t like what went down here. You seem like a good ally to pretty much everyone, so to me it looked like a minor disagreement that got out of hand. It appeared to me like you were bullied into submission. This is my one and only comment on this.

  2. says

    Welcome back!

    If it helps I had a similar reaction to the criticism that I received when I started regularly commenting here at FTB (intense anxiety, separation time to think, diving back in while trying to keep my experiences in mind). It gets easier to take criticism as time goes on. In my case the experience was worthwhile.

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