Bi Any Means Podcast #58: LGBTQ Humanist Alliance with Callie Wright

lgbtq humanist alliance


Returning to the show today is Callie Wright, co-chair of the LGBTQ Humanist Alliance. According to her bio, Callie is a trans activist, speaker, host of The Gaytheist Manifesto podcast, which explores the intersection of issues facing both the atheist movement and the LGBTQ movement, and founder of The LGBT Secular Alliance. Callie’s mission is to be a voice for the LGBTQ community in the atheist movement, and a voice for atheism/secularism in the LGBTQ community. She firmly believes that the atheist and secular movement, unfettered from the dogma of religion, can and should be leading the charge in the fight for equality for everyone. So today we’re going to talk about the LGBTQ Humanist Alliance and all the stuff they’re doing.



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