Bi Any Means Podcast #55: Reason Rally 2016

Instead of the usual format, today’s episode is going to be all about my adventures at last week’s Reason Rally in Washington, DC. Since the event was free and I only live an hour and a half away from DC, I didn’t really have an excuse to miss it. Plus, all my friends were going to be there, so I figured what better time to challenge my traveling anxiety and go on an adventure. Spoiler alert: it was worth it!

I managed to interview a few people for this episode. I wanted to interview more, but it was hard to find areas away from the stage in order to hear them. Plus being that I didn’t have a list of prepared questions, I didn’t really know what to say except “Are you having fun?” But I did manage to snag brief interviews with Thomas Sheedy, Francesco Petracca, Stephanie Guttormson, Jim Patchett, Seth Andrews, and Jenica Crail. The interviews are brief because, like I said, I didn’t have any prepared questions, and I was so overwhelmed with meeting so many people that my mind blanked out a lot. After the interviews, I’ll wrap things up with some thoughts about Reason Rally and why it’s so important.



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