The Biskeptical Podcast #1: Can We Dump Trump?

So Morgan from No Religion Required and I just started a side project podcast called The Biskeptical Podcast, which is  a bimonthly show that takes a look at politics, religion, and current events from the perspective of two bisexual atheists. And this is our first episode! Today we discuss what’s at stake now that Donald Trump is the unofficial official GOP nominee, and why the Tenth Amendment doesn’t mean states can ignore federal government anti-discrimination policies. Enjoy!

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  1. lorn says

    The sound quality is, to my way of thinking, perfectly acceptable, even if not great. Sound quality would be more an issue is the show was about music or poetry, instead of prose, where the content is in the meaning, instead of the tonality. The content is generally good but, perhaps a bit less organized and well researched, with details on hand, than it might be. That said the show is generally good. Well worth the time and effort it takes to listen. Good job.

    I do have one gripe. It probably doesn’t bother other people, but it grates my nerves when people use the term y’know repeatedly. Like y’know, particularly when it comes up, y’know, more than once in a single, y’know, sentence. Yes, it is petty, but it does detract from the larger message. Is an important habit to break if a person wants to do any sort of presentation or public speaking.

    It can be a hard habit to break, particularly under stress, but once accomplished it becomes second nature. Insertion of a pause for the offending word greatly improves a presentation, it makes the speaker sound more authoritative, and it lends a sense of gravitas. It can be corrected on one’s own with persistent effort but the easiest and quickest way is to visit a speech therapist. It can often be mitigated, if not eliminated, in just one or two visits. This is a common issue for any professional speech therapist so there need be no embarrassment.

    Speech therapy is one of those seldom talked about secret weapons that a whole lot of professionals, and damn near all the talking heads, politicians, and professional presenters use. It can also help with tonality, excess nasal sound, breathing, and pacing. It can make a huge difference in how people perceive a presentation and why one person’s presentation falls flat while another’s is well received.

    Now that I’ve ridden my hobby-horse around … It is my kryptonite. I may need therapy. Anyway, good show. Keep up the good work.

    • says

      Cool, thanks for the feedback! You’re right, I do say “you know” a lot when I talk. That and “um” and “uh.” That usually happens when I go off script. I get really nervous when I have to think of something to say right there and then.

      If you want, check out my main podcast Bi Any Means as well.

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