Ban Cisgender White Men From Public Restrooms–A Modest Proposal I Wrote For That Pissed Off A Lot Of Cis White Guys

So last week Maggie Ardiente from the American Humanist Association asked me to write about the latest controversy surrounding Target’s bathroom policy. I didn’t want to rehash the same “This is why the transphobes are wrong” song and dance, so I took a page from Jonathan Swift and wrote a modest proposal. Excerpt:

Now I understand the concern for safety. According to the National Sexual Violence Research Center, one in five women experience some form of sexual assault. It’s obvious we need to do something about it, but is banning trans people from public bathrooms the answer? Not only is there no statistical evidence of trans people assaulting women in bathrooms, but according to the Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Center of the University of Michigan, most rapes and sexual assaults are conducted by white males (presumably cisgender men because the stats reveal nothing about trans men).

So here’s a modest proposal that I think will solve this dilemma: ban all cisgender white men from public bathrooms.

Here’s how it would work: any business or organization that provides public bathroom facilities must have a security guard to screen everyone who wants to use the bathroom. If you identify as male, and your ID identifies you as a male, you must go outside the building to a designated area. This area can either be behind a dumpster or in the bushes, which is actually more convenient than it sounds because there are plenty of leaves and garbage around these areas for white cisgender men to wipe themselves. These designated areas will also be surrounded by security cameras to make sure the white cisgender men don’t try to pull off any funny business.

Read the rest here.

As far as the controversy, Maggie sums it up perfectly.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    What is a cisgender man?

    (from the comments at the link)

    Ooh, are we playing Jeopardy? I can do that too!
    What is a search engine?
    What is White Cis Male Privilege?
    What is a Troll?

    • says

      @robertbaden, #3

      Oh holy shit-
      Now the Noth Carolina Governor says we should allow segregated bathrooms.

      We already “allow” segregated bathrooms. We segregate into “men” and “women”. I’m guessing you and the Governor mean to say further segregation?

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