When the Internet Gives you Lemons…

What is not OK?

A long time ago, someone made an Internet video reading an e-mail I had written to them during an e-mail exchange. Everything was fine until they reached a point in the letter where what they were “reading” was not what I had written. I defended myself here at the blog because they were claiming I had made substantially hateful comments about homosexuals. Because it was defamatory and untrue, this expression was slanderous and illegal. And after a few nasty days of TAE working with this individual toward a resolution, the person was finally compelled to remove the content and issue an apology and clarification that I had never issued such comments.

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Fake YouTube account, fake contest

Some rather pitiful attention seeker, using the YouTube username “HelpImSick”, has renamed his channel to “Matthew Dillahunty.” He is currently stealing and reposting ACA videos, and under several videos he has included this description:

May 1st-31st Contest for 2013:

Give a coherent explanation that God exists, that could actually almost convince me that God is true:

I will reward the person with 2500$ for the most convincing argument, and I will announce the winner on the 31st.

The 2500$ is not fake, it is for the most convincing argument, and I will announce the winner on the 31st. Opposed to the Creationist contest, I actually have an open mind.

…Then he goes on to provide all the usual ACA contact info and links.

The $2500 is absolutely fake. There is no contest. Neither Matt nor the ACA would throw that kind of money around in any case, nor would we fake a prize as a lame publicity stunt, just so we could claim that there is no winner and keep the money. Matt’s real YouTube account is SansDeity.

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