How to submit news for The Non-Prophets

People often email The Atheist Experience to ask if we’ll be covering a specific current event or relevant topic. The answer is usually no, because The Atheist Experience isn’t that kind of show — we may discuss brief topics to fill time, but mostly we are driven by callers. But guess what? The Non-Prophets is a current events show, hosted by me, Jeff Dee, and Denis Loubet, airing every other week. We do an audio broadcast live on Ustream every first and third Wednesday of every month, and you can also listen to the show as a podcast.

If you come across a piece of news worthy of discussion at any time, you are invite to post a link in a tweet with the hashtag #NonProphetsNews. No need to post it at any specific Twitter account, although I am @RussellGlasser if you have a general message. I always scan the complete list of tweets using that hashtag since the last show aired. Using the hashtag is absolutely the most reliable way to bring it to my attention as weekly news; emailed links tend to get lost in the shuffle. If I read your story, I will usually try to mention your name or Twitter handle on the show as credit.

Alternatively, join The Non-Prophets Official Discussion Group on Facebook and keep an eye out for a thread on Wednesday morning where I’ll request last minute links.

Here are some guidelines for stories that are likely to be used:

  • I’m looking for direct links to written stories about interesting or unusual events that have some kind of significant religion, science, or civil rights angle. We will be reading and discussing interesting stories on the air, not necessarily your comments about the story.
  • Please don’t send videos (I can’t read a video!) or vague references to a topic of interest with no link.
  • I prefer articles with minimal editorial slant. We prefer to do our own editorializing. In other words, New York Times > RawStory > Some guy’s blog.
  • An exception to the above rule is that we do a weekly segment titled “Shit Internet Apologists Say.” I’m looking for the silliest, most outrageous example of the online community making bad arguments or being bigoted and ridiculous. If you’re submitting a story as SIAS rather than news, mention that.
  • As a guideline, I have a sporadically maintained document with the following categories: Atheist Data, US Politics, International, Social Justice / gay rights, Science, Religious Outrage, “Just Silly”, and of course, “SIAS candidates.”

(No need to post any news in the comments of this post; this is a general information post that I will be linking people to if they have questions.)

Shit Internet Apologists Say: Whiny anti-gay marriage medley!

Forgive the link dump, but I have just been cleaning up my Non-Prophets News document in preparation for tonight’s show (tune in live!) and I didn’t want to let go of a special segment that was brimming with schadenfreude.

If you’re not listening to The Non-Prophets: Well first of all, you should be. Second of all, I do this regular segment called “Shit Internet Apologists Say!” in which I do a dramatic reading of some recent over-the-top ridiculousness by a religious blogger or columnist, and the other hosts help to pick it apart.

Of course, on the last episode gay marriage had recently become the law of the land, so I did a Very Special Episode where I scattered this stuff in bits and pieces throughout the episode. I don’t keep these news stories forever; however, this batch deserves to be saved for posterity. Some of these I didn’t even get to finish reading.

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Open thread: Non-Prophets 12.3

It’s up! This week on The Non-Prophets:

Note: Yes, there are some audio problems. Seems that you can hear the people in the control room talking for the first few minutes. This is not an equipment issue, it’s user error. We have new crew and none of us have done shows in nearly a year, so expect some hiccups as we remember how to do this.

Also: If you get 2/3 of the way through the podcast and it suddenly ends, delete the file and download it again. It should be fixed now.

Open thread on AETV #774 / NPR 11.11

This week:

Correction: 773 was aired last week.  Martin’s open thread on it mislabeled it as 772, which didn’t broadcast.

The Non-Prophets FAQ, July 2012

Q: “The Non-Prophets”?  What is that?

A: The Non-Prophets is a live internet show that is broadcast regularly in addition to the Atheist Experience TV shows.  It is not a call-in show, so we tend to focus on news and philosophical discussions instead of debunking Pascal’s Wager over and over again.  The current hosts are Matt Dillahunty, Denis Loubet, and Russell Glasser

Q: There have been no updates to the podcast since May.  Or am I crazy?

A: You are not crazy, there have been no updates to the podcast since May.

Q: Did you guys quit?

A: Nope, we’ve done four new episodes since June.

Q: But I thought you said the podcast wasn’t updated?

A: Correct.  We’ve started doing the shows as live Google Hangouts, which means they are now available as YouTube videos.  You can see them all on Matt’s YouTube channel, sansdeity.  Individual episode links: 11.6 11.7 11.8 11.9

Q: But I really like listening to it as a podcast.  Are you planning to put the audio versions on the podcast feed?

A: Yeah.  Eventually.  When we get around to it.  Thanks for your concern.

Q: Can I still listen and participate live when it’s on?

A: Currently the show is scheduled to be on every Tuesday at 7:30 PM CST.  However, since this is The Non-Prophets we’re talking about, it’s subject to not happening at all for totally random reasons.  Go to the sansdeity YouTube link listed above at the appropriate time, and hit refresh a few times when the time is approaching.  If it’s on, there will be a live video at the top of the feed which you can watch.  You can still participate in the IRC that takes place at irc://

Q: Any other ways I can be alerted about whether a show will happen?

A: If you’re Facebook friends with Matt or Russell, we’ll usually announce it on our feed.  You can also keep an eye on the Atheist Experience page for announcements, and we’ll try to mention in IRC when the show’s about to start.

Q: Did you know that the Non-Prophets website is incredibly ugly, and does not contain the information above?

A: Yes, we did know that.

Q: Any plans to improve it?

A: At some point.

Q: Can I be your webmaster so I can get it done for you?

A: Thanks for asking, but no.

Q: I’m desperate for more audio podcasts, and you guys are slackers!  What can we listen to so our lives will have meaning?

A: You should listen to Godless Bitches, which does shows much more regularly and is freaking awesome.


Q: So, Tuesdays, huh?  Will there be a show tonight?

A: Heck yeah, there will!  Don’t miss it!

Open Thread on TAE 767/NPR 11.7

Lots of theist callers on the TV show yesterday.  Matt was in “a mood.”

This Non-Prophets and the previous one have been done as Google Hangout videos. We intend that they’ll find their way to the podcast as audio eventually, but for now you might want to subscribe to Matt’s YouTube feed if you’re keeping an eye out for new shows. We’ve been scheduling them for Thursday Tuesday nights, since we don’t all have to be physically together. Keep an eye on the Non-Prophets chat room and the Atheist Experience Facebook page this Thursday to catch advance warning of how to watch the stream when it’s live.

Open thread on AETV 763/764; NPR 11.6; GB 2.13

Sorry for the lack of open threads lately..

  • Atheist Experience episodes had Matt and Jeff; and Matt and Jerry DeWitt visiting, respectively.
  • There was one or perhaps three Godless Bitches episodes since the last open thread.
  • We did a seemingly successful experiment streaming a Non-Prophets episode over Google Hangouts.  The audio podcast isn’t posted as I write this, but you can see the video for now here.