So Many Claims, So Little (No) Support…

This letter was to Matt, so I opted not to reply. But also, if I did reply, I wouldn’t have much more to offer beyond, “I’ve never seen anyone offer up such a lengthy list of claims that included no attempt at offering even one shred of support.” Does Guinness have a category for something like this?

In addition to offering no support for anything asserted, s/he makes the mistake of capitalizing “atheism” throughout (see Austin Cline’s blog on this issue for further info on why this demonstrates a misunderstanding of atheism, and note the letter writer does not capitalize theism, so this is clearly quite deliberate on his/her part). The writer goes on to play “bait the atheist” by pretending Matt really does know a god exists, but for whatever reason, is saying otherwise.

Finally the person threatens to call the show. I can only say, “Please, please do.” S/he asked us to read this on the air. But honestly, it’s just preaching with no evidence or support offered—and we’re not The 700 Club, and since no evidence or support was provided, what would we examine? The rebuttal to the entire lot would be “you offered nothing to support anything you claimed.”

At any rate, without further ado, I bring you, more unsubstantiated claims and assumptions than you can shake a stick at:

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