Apologists: only dudes can have good reasons to be an atheist

A few weeks ago, Hemant Mehta hosted a guest post on his blog: “The Atheist Daughter of a Notable Christian Apologist Shares Her Story.” The post was by Rachael Slick, daughter of radio host and CARM founder Matt Slick. Viewers of our show may remember that both Matt Dillahunty and I, in two weeks running, spoke directly to Matt Slick about his pet topic, the Transcendental Argument. (Episode 592; episode 593).

I found Rachael’s story very moving, myself. As a lifelong atheist with a supportive family, I have never had to actually fight very hard for my atheism except in circumstances of my choice. Stories of deconversion are interesting to me as they recount an experience I’ve never had, and it must have been doubly challenging to shed a faith that is hammered home by a strict religious upbringing. This is an excerpt from her post.

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