Iron Chariots spam

A while back I decided to upgrade the server software for the Iron Chariots wiki and install a bunch of add-ons, including one that allows me to force all new editors to write a short biography and wait for approval. It’s kind of a headache, but before doing this, we would get dozens of new users a day who would start filling up the wiki articles with advertisements for wristwatches and porn. Unfortunately, sometimes I can go for a couple of months without remembering to check the spam trap, and then people complain. But it beats the alternative.

Today I remembered that I haven’t approved users since April, so I cleared out a fairly manageable 17 requests. Nearly half of them were spammers who were stupid enough to put spam in their biography, so that was easy. I approved a bunch of requests… and then I saw this guy.

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Iron Chariots update

FYI, in case you’re wondering:

  • The forum has been updated to a new version of PhPBB, but the old data hasn’t been fully transferred over.  Expect a delay of perhaps a few more days before the process is complete.  Don’t panic, your posts will come back.
  • The wiki is up and running, but no anti-spam enhancements are installed yet.  For the time being I have blocked new accounts from being created.  If you already have an account, you should be able to edit as usual.  If you want a new account, you can reply to this thread with a username and I’ll see what I can do.