Copyright change for The Atheist Experience

Hi everyone,

Last month I posted about some concerns over the duplication of episodes of The Atheist Experience. As I mentioned in that post, up until now we have been using the license Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0. This has effectively allowed various channels on YouTube to become unofficial hosts of new shows, in their entirety, every week.

After extensive discussions among the board of directors at the Atheist Community of Austin, we will be changing the copyright terms going forward. Past shows remain under the Creative Commons license and may be reproduced in full, as long as the license terms are posted, and there is a prominent link to the show’s website. However, new episodes of The Atheist Experience, beginning with the episode on 12/15/2013, are posted as “All Rights Reserved” and may not be reproduced in full without permission.

Having said that, we’ve always appreciated fans posting their favorite clips on YouTube, and we’d like to give as broad permission as possible for that kind of activity to continue. So to make this clear:

The Atheist Experience hereby grants permission to copy clips, up to ten minutes in length, for non-commercial purposes only. Up to two clips per episode may be copied on any one channel.

If you’d like to copy a longer clip, or more clips from one episode, all you have to do is write to and ask for permission. We’ll probably say yes. It’s that simple!