Happy Aftermath Day

If you stopped by the blog yesterday, and said to yourself “Hah!  Jen McCreight obviously wouldn’t join the Men’s Rights movement!  I can read a calendar and I am not fooled at all!”… and then you patted yourself on the back and closed the blog down without bothering to click on the link… well, shame on you.  You may be nobody’s fool, but you managed to cheat yourself out of a lot of entertainment.

Yesterday, 21 bloggers announced the departure of someone else from the network.  Here’s the big list for you to peruse:

  1. The Atheist Experience: Jen McCreight is becoming an MRA
  2. Jen McCreight: Greta Christina just isn’t very angry anymore
  3. Greta Christina: JT Eberhard is rejoining his old Christian rock group
  4. JT Eberhard: Stephanie Zvan launches a new career writing erotic novels
  5. Stephanie Zvan: Dana Hunter found the Virgin Mary in some geodes
  6. Dana Hunter: Daniel Fincke is going to be a full time open air atheist preacher
  7. Daniel Fincke: Richard Carrier is running for Congress.  As an objectivist.
  8. Richard Carrier: Muslims bought off Al Stefanelli with hookers
  9. Al Stefanelli: Chris Hallquist is working for William Lane Craig
  10. Chris Hallquist: Chris Rodda sees history in a new light thanks to Kirk Cameron
  11. Chris Rodda: Ed Brayton, intimidated by Chuck Norris, is quitting blogging to be a pro poker player
  12. Ed Brayton: Ophelia Benson is joining Alain de Botton as an atheist who loves religion
  13. Ophelia Benson: Maryam Namazie will be a fashion designer
  14. Maryam Namazie: Offended by the nude calendar, Biodork will be creating a calendar of veiled women
  15. Biodork: Hank Fox has a meltdown after his blue collar roots are insulted
  16. Hank Fox: Greg Laden is really a con man named “Sticky” Johnson
  17. Greg Laden: Crommunist no longer cares about racial issues
  18. Crommunist: The Lousy Canuck is upset at not being the only Canadian
  19. Lousy Canuck: Assassin Actual is won over by the Cosmological argument
  20. Assassin Actual: Justin Griffith’s drunken binge ends the Rock Beyond Belief legacy
  21. Justin Griffith: The Atheist Experience is acquired by Fox News.  Lousy bunch of traitors.

We had a ridiculous amount of fun planning this self-destructive blog ring for your amusement.  Gratifyingly, many commenters referenced the other posts, and some even said they made it all the way around the circle.  Hopefully some of you have discovered some great blogs you weren’t following before.  I am personally very impressed by what a creative and talented group of writers are co-members of Freethought Blogs, and I’m proud to be in the company of so many godless bastards.

For the record though, would TAE join Fox News?  Assuming we get a contract that says we can retain our current cast and format, YES, in a heartbeat!  Think of all the callers we’d get!

Farewell to Jen McCreight

Hi folks,

As you probably already heard elsewhere, Jen McCreight, the author of Blag Hag, will no longer be with us at Freethought Blogs after the end of this month.

Jen has been a great voice for the skeptic community for many years.  You may know her from her excellent speeches such as the one she gave at Skepticon, or her spearheading of the satirical “Boobquake” event from 2010.  Naturally I was extremely surprised by her announcement.  As far as I could tell, she seemed to fit right into the culture here at FTB, and nobody was expecting her to walk out on us at this point.


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