Open thread on episode #804: Russell and Tracie

Posted this preemptively before the show aired. I have added some notes since the show. Here are some things I mentioned in my intro:

The crew is aware that there were technical problems again with the live Ustream feed. They have ruled out problems with the laptop hardware. The current working theory is that the public access studio has limited internet bandwidth, and this is somehow interfering with streaming. It might be fixed in the future by switching to a lower quality stream.

Who’s got the best Public Access TV show? Oh yeah, I think you know.

For the third year in a row, the Austin Chronicle Reader’s Poll has recognized that The Atheist Experience is the best God Damned show on Public Access Television.  Thank you, thank you for your votes.

Oh yeah, here’s the blurb we got.  I really like it.

Around the time Richard Dawkins was on a book tour for Unweaving the Rainbow, a scrappy cast and crew of Austin’s own The Atheist Experience was exploring atheism, ethics, reason, and science – taking calls from true believers and nonbelievers alike. Fifteen years and more than nine million (!!!) YouTube hits later, the shows keep on coming like clockwork. Yes, but who … made … the clock?!?! (Humans.)


You might be a dumbass if…

…you get your weekend schedules confused, and think you’re co-hosting the show the weekend after you’re actually slated to do it. Derp.

Anyway, consider this the open thread for episode #777. And hey, it just meant Josh got another chance to be on the show! He’s good people.

Speaking of co-hosting drama: You might also be a dumbass if your obsessive hate-on for a certain female personality in the atheist/skeptical community becomes so irrational and overwrought that it prompts you actually to create an online petition in an attempt to get her ousted from her co-host slot on a podcast, utterly oblivious to the deep and hilarious irony in whining about “divisiveness” and “the free exchange of ideas” while doing so (and this on top of being a clueless n00b who fails to realize that such a stupid petition would bring the trollocopters flying in like that scene from Apocalypse Now).

I’m glad I’m only the first kind of dumbass.

How to guarantee that we hang up on you

This was the entirety of the second call we got yesterday:

Russell: “Corey in Schenectady, NY.”

Corey: “Hello?”

Jeff: “Hi Corey!”

Russell: “Hi, how are you?”

Corey: “Hi.  Uh, first thing’s first… this is to Jeff Dee, I don’t care about your opinion, nor do I respect it, so…”

Russell: “Oh okay, thanks for calling.”  [click]

So hey, guess what, we get email!

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Open thread for episode #768

I wasn’t sure — coming back after two weeks out of town caring for a pair of ailing parents (all is well on that front) — that I was entirely on my game for yesterday’s show, but I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about it already, so that’s nice.

Later on at dinner I was talking with one of our studio audience (forgive me for being lousy with names) about one remarkable and highly consistent trait you always see from callers like Matt from Oslo: the grandiose nature of what they claim to be able and about to do — like, oh, debunk evolution — set against the ludicrous lack of preparation that always makes them faceplant pathetically when they try. Matt from Oslo could not even articulate a clear definition of the scientific theory he claimed he was ready to demolish, and his attempt to demolish it was nothing more than a gaggle of logical fallacies weakly trotted out in a way that made it embarrassingly obvious he was just winging it. And he just as obviously hadn’t so much as Googled any real science websites to see if there was, in fact, any information on the evolution of these “unusual” animals he was on about. The theist who called directly after Matt from Oslo was very quickly reduced to stubbornly insisting he had a rational basis for what he believed, while admitting he was falling back on faith at the same time! It’s like they just cannot even get a single thought straight.

On the whole I was satisfied with the way the calls played out. Matt was firm with the theists without blowing up as a lot of folks criticized him for doing last weekend. Though I must admit that Heads or Tails Oreos aren’t my favorite flavor. But isn’t that what diversity is all about?

Open Thread on TAE 767/NPR 11.7

Lots of theist callers on the TV show yesterday.  Matt was in “a mood.”

This Non-Prophets and the previous one have been done as Google Hangout videos. We intend that they’ll find their way to the podcast as audio eventually, but for now you might want to subscribe to Matt’s YouTube feed if you’re keeping an eye out for new shows. We’ve been scheduling them for Thursday Tuesday nights, since we don’t all have to be physically together. Keep an eye on the Non-Prophets chat room and the Atheist Experience Facebook page this Thursday to catch advance warning of how to watch the stream when it’s live.