ACA Bat Cruise 2014: Bigger and Better than Ever!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 27, 2014! This is the date of the 2014 ACA annual Bat Cruise, and we have something special lined up for this year’s cruise, you won’t want to miss.

Details of the event are still being finalized, and more information will be made available in coming weeks. But we are excited to be able to announce we have confirmed both Dr. Richard Carrier and Chris Johnson for the pre-cruise lectures. Each of these speakers comes to the table with a timely, relevant project that impacts the atheist community in different, but important ways:

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Bat cruise coming

I guess it’s for real now, since PZ Myers mentioned his upcoming appearance in Austin. There are still spots available on the boat now, and it’s coming up in just three weeks, so get moving! You can read about the event and purchase tickets here.

Update:  The lecture begins at 3 PM on Saturday, September 28. It is at Trinity United Methodist Church, at 40th and Speedway. The address is 4001 Speedway. I would assume locals are welcome to attend even if they are not going to be joining us on the cruise.

Update 2: The ACA Freethought Library will be having an open house from noon to 2. The address is 1507 W Koenig Ln.

So the schedule is:

  • 12-2: Open house
  • 3-5 (?): Lecture
  • 6-8: Cruise