How to call or visit the show


Since we get a lot of requests from people traveling through Austin hoping to visit, here is what you can do to attend a live taping of The Atheist Experience.

The show airs every Sunday from 4:30 to 6:00 PM Austin time. Check the schedule to see who is hosting on the day of your visit, or whether there is a cancellation.

Assuming that there is a live show that day, plan to show up by 4 PM, so you can sit in the studio without disrupting the show. The show is currently being taped at the ACA Freethought Library, 1507 W Koenig Ln. (Follow the link to see a map.)

Following the show, we provide dinner at the Freethought Library.  Donations to offset the costs are accepted and appreciated.

If it fits in your plans and the group’s schedule, you can also plan to visit for brunch or a lecture the morning before the show.  Check the front page of for details and current location.


The show transitioned to airing as an internet-only program from the ACA Freethought Library in August 2015. As of February 2016, we have a full featured phone system with six lines. The number is 512-686-0279. You may also call from your computer using VoiP; visit the Atheist Experience technical FAQ for instructions on doing so. The Atheist Experience web site has the host schedule, although it is subject to change without notice. We accepted Skype calls when we started at the new studio, but we are phasing this out due to the clumsy nature of switching calls.

Phone lines tend to fill up quickly. To increase your chances of getting on the air, consider calling by 4:15-4:20. If you are a theist, your call will be given a higher priority, and we try to leave several lines open for this purpose. The phone screener will ask what your question or topic is, and this information is made available to the hosts before they answer you. If you are an atheist calling, please have a clear and succinct question ready for the hosts. While we appreciate kudos and compliments, we discourage fans from calling just to tell us that they enjoy the show. Kudos are best sent as emails, and please take it as understood that we appreciate your kind words, even if we don’t respond to you.

We appreciate your patience as we improve the technical quality of our show.