Well, these turned out nicely. They’re super comfy and, given the arctic blast that slammed Texas today, I can confirm that they are warm. I’ll begin the shipping process starting tomorrow.

The first run is gone baby gone. But I will be happy to do a second run, if, this time, we can get between 50-100 takers. (The first run was only 30.) Contact me at wagnerfilm[at]yahoo[dot]com and I will send you payment and other relevant information.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog.

You mean all I had to do was lick a Bible?

Some happy news today. Shelley just emailed all of us. We’ll have working phones on Sunday.

Things are moving fast on the AXP hoodie front. The final design will be tweaked to feature only the red AXP logo; that way, people will have to ask you what it means, and you can spread the godless gospel! Only about 23 more folks needed (out of the original 50). Those interested in a pre-order should email the TV show address with “FAO: Martin – hoodies” in the subject line. Get a move on, because I’d like to place the order Monday morning at the latest.

Finally, I don’t see how anyone could resist Jesus’s message of salivation when it’s good enough for Miss Delilah. Except I imagine Ceiling Cat is feeling a bit wrathful right now.


For those of you who liked the AXP T-shirts (I still have a few of those to ship to overseas buyers mainly, so hang loose, I haven’t forgotten you) featuring the logo in the sidebar, I am now seeking to gauge interest in a (slightly tweaked version of) the same design on a pullover hoodie, the style of which may be seen here. For those of you tempted to ask, “Why not just go through Cafepress?” the simple answers are that I’m not wildly impressed with their quality, and that their prices are stupid crazypants expensive. I can literally charge you guys $10-15 less by going through the same company that did the tees.

I am not taking pre-orders yet, only gauging interest. I’d like to have at least 50 count-on-it buyers lined up. 100 would be awesomer. By pre-ordering you can reserve yourself not only any size up to 3XL, but any color of hoodie you want as well. So use this link and browse the color chart to see what you like. Keep in mind that because of the art, darker colors will be better, and reds are not advisable. If you do not specify a preferred color, then yours will be black.

If interested, email the TV show address with the subject line “FAO: Martin – hoodies” and I’ll get back to you personally and answer any other questions you might have. If you live outside the US let me know, so I can quote you accurate shipping costs. And yes, a portion of the sales will be donated to ACA.

Addendum 1/5/11: I’m now up to commitments on 16 hoodies, which leaves 34 to go before they can go to press. I know there are thousands of you out there, gang, so hopefully we can close this gap superfast, and folks can be spreading the Good News on their bodies sooner rather than later!

Quick word from your sponsor

You might recall I did T-shirts featuring the red on black logo in the sidebar there. As of today I have 4 Mediums and 5 Larges left. If interested, don’t comment, just send me an email to the TV show address with subject “FAO: Martin” and I’ll reply directly.

I’m considering hoodies.

Dress godless for teh comfy!

See? Here they are. Sweet, eh? Thing is, you can’t have one. All the shirts in that box there? They’re all sold. But I am willing to do one more print run. However, I need at least 49 more orders to do so. So flood ’em in, my heathen fashionistas! If you’ve got one of the RDF scarlet-letter Out Campaign T-shirts in your wardrobe, be assured these are every bit as soft, light and comfy. Rub them against your tender nipple buds. The ecstasy!

Shirts ship Friday the 13th

A quick note about the AXP T-shirts (see sidebar), which will at last be ready this Friday. If there’s one thing cooler than having two months in a row with a Friday the 13th in them, it’s that you get AXP shirts into the bargain.

The initial print run is sold out. But a second print run will be a much simpler (and faster) thing to do, as it will only involve a phone call saying “I need more shirts.” To make it worthwhile though, it’d be nice to have a good healthy second run ordered — say, 50 shirts. I know we’re all keeping tight belts right now. But everyone could use a sexay new shirt, if only to replace the one that living under eight years of a religious right presidency stole off your backs.

Any shirt orders placed between now and Wednesday will be ones I’ll try to have ready for the Friday shipping, along with the first batch. Don’t forget to include your size, which is something a lot of folks have been forgetting. There should be a text field you can use for that.

‘Tis the season for naked commerce!

See that sexay Atheist Experience blog logo to the right there? It’s currently being silk-screened on T-shirts. Admit it, you’re too stylish not to wear one. I’m printing up a hundred (real screen printing, not the transfer stuff you get using online p.o.d. services), but it’s easy enough to place a phone call if more are needed, so don’t worry about size availability.

For those of you of a green bent, I’m considering totes too. What think you?

Matt Dillahunty has also been asked by some of the TV show viewers about offering a wider variety of ACA or AE TV show merch — stuff like shirts, mousepads, more mugs, whatever. He replied that he’s thinking about that. If he or the organization ever decide to offer such stuff, assuming there’s an interest, he’ll offer it here as well as the regular TV show site if he wishes. What might you like to see, specifically?