I went to the Reason Rally and all I got was four T-shirts and soaked in rain

Well, no, actually, I got a great deal more than that. But you try coming up with catchy blog headlines late at night.

I certainly didn’t fly out to the thing with no intention of writing about it, so allow me to add a brief recap of my trip that you can add to the accounts you may have been reading all day. I flew into the DC area on Thursday afternoon, intending to spend the Friday before the Rally doing the whole tourist thing, which I did indeed do. Flying always takes it out of me, but Dulles promptly proved itself the greatest airport anywhere by presenting me with the sight of a Five Guys hamburger stall right as I disembarked my plane.
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Open thread on episode 753 / Rally update

Today, Matt welcomes guest David Smalley, host of the podcast Dogma Debate. Pop that popcorn and settle in.

Also, our illustrious host should remember to remind everyone of my attendance at the Reason Rally, coming up very fast. (To think I fly out Thursday…what to pack!?) At the moment, I am leaning towards a Saturday morning, pre-rally breakfast for the AXP meetup. There’s already a bunch of stuff happening the previous night and immediately post-rally (that I want to go to too), so breakfast might be the best bet, except of course for folks only driving in that morning.

I am not flying out until mid-afternoon on Sunday, so another Sunday morning breakfast meetup may be possible if there are folks driving in on Saturday but not leaving until Sunday. I’m trying to accommodate as many of you as possible, but really, what I need is your feedback. So Rally attendees, please provide that here, and if you’re not attending, just talk/praise/gripe about today’s show in general. Cheerio.

Reason Rally: sounding folks out early

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be attending the Reason Rally in about 3 weeks, and an Atheist Experience meetup is tentatively planned. For those of you planning to attend, I think it’s a good idea to work out a few details in advance, such as whether Friday evening (before the rally) or Saturday evening (post-rally dinner and drinks) would be easier. I’m starting to think Saturday evening, as a number of folks on the coast are probably only planning to drive into D.C. that morning for the thing and not do an overnight stay. So feedback is appreciated. Also, I’ve already gotten one e-mail from a D.C. resident suggesting some locations, and I’d love more of that, from either you locals or people who know the city well. Ideally for us out-of-towners, preferred locations should be walkable from the Mall and not cost a firstborn child to eat and drink there. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and, incidentally, to the Rally as well.

Looks like Hemant is having an after-rally thing, so that’s leaning everything towards a Friday evening meetup now.

Orrrr maybe not. A lot of folks still won’t be in till Saturday and there’s already a lot happening Friday night for people who are there. See what I mean by working stuff out early? I’m now thinking that an immediate post-rally supper will be easiest, and still make it possible for everyone to wander off afterwards to whatever parties are taking place.

Debating and rallying and reasoning, oh my!

Some quick updates on what some of us in the AXP camp are up to. Matt is, as you read this, getting ready to take the stage at West Texas A&M University in Amarillo for another debate. Here’s the flyer thingamajig.

Debate flyer

No, we don’t have any idea about their plans to record the debate, or post it online. Yes, we’ll embed it here the instant we find out such a thing exists.

In other news, yours truly (that would be me) just bought his plane ticket to Washington, so expect to see me at the Reason Rally in a month. I’ll be easy to spot, in that of all the godless hordes attending, I’ll be the only one who’s Martin Wagner. I don’t know about any plans from anyone else yet. As we get closer to the day, I’ll work out arrangements for an Atheist Experience meet up, perhaps the Friday night before. Maybe some of you who are attending and know DC a bit better than I do can think of some worthwhile places to hold one. Part of me is hoping that I step off the plane into the devastation of the Capital Wasteland, dodging super-mutants while Galaxy News Radio spins oldies over my ear buds. But I suspect the worst I’ll run into will be some dippy sidewalk evangelists.